Tuesday, November 29, 2016


We moved back to Maine from Kentucky in 1999.  Before winter set in we made our first pilgrimage down to  L. L. Bean in Freeport where my wife bought some winter gear and I bought a pair of L. L. Bean boots. 


I had Bean boots before, but got rid of them during our stay in Kentucky. 

In 2005 I was back teaching in Alaska, and found the treads on my boots were getting thin.    I sent them back to Beans and they put new rubber bottoms on the leather tops for $40.     About 2012 I sent the boots back again and Beans put new rubber bottoms on the leather. 

Bean boots have soft rubber soles which give you great traction in wet and snowy weather; but with constant use the tread wears thin.   

I wear my boots almost every day during the winter, so I put a lot of wear on them.  

I figure I can get another year of two use before I zombie them again.

size 14

A good pair of L. L. Bean boots can last a life time.


  1. We had L.L. Bean boots and we've visited the outlet. My husband wants more "no iron" shirts from L.L. Bean for Christmas (they cost a bit more with the exchange rate, but he claims they are worth it). -Jenn

  2. Love the photo of the big boot! Here in Edmonton we have a store with a big cowboy boot out front.

  3. Hard to find boots that actually grip on snow and ice. Hang onto them. Reminds me though of the cowboy who had his boots resoled five times and the uppers replaced twice but swore they were the same pair he'd had for 20 years.

  4. Just last night I was looking at an LL Bean catalog & commented on the price of the winter boots. I didn't know they were repairable by the company... with that in mind the price isn't so bad.


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