Saturday, August 24, 2019


Once a Democrat is selected to run against Trump, it is a sure bet that Trump will float out a derogatory name as a tag for his opponent. 

It is important for the Democratic Nominee to have a fast come-back that will nail Trump at his own game. 

That being said, I offer this as a possibility:

 President Trump, you surely look slim up here at the podium.  Are you wearing a spanks, or a full figure girdle?   You know, I’ve seen you out on the golf course where you look like a fat walrus with teeny tiny hands.   I think I will call you tt for teeny-tiny, or else tw for teeny-weeny………hands.

Democrats are always quick to say, if you wrestle a hog in the slop, you’ll get filthy and the hog will enjoy it.   Also, when they go low, we go high: but that’s not going to work with Trump.   Sometimes you have to wade into the slop to kick the hog in the ass. 

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I grew up in the south where all meat was fried with gravy on the side.

Since my wife and I have been together, I do most of the cooking.   She makes a good meatloaf, and once a year a pineapple up-side-down cake for my birthday.    But she lets me think that I am the better cook.

 The famous Cajun cook, Justin Wilson, usually started his dishes with ‘the trinity’ – onions, celery and garlic.    I use ‘the trinity’ as the base for much of my meals.

But there is another combination I like for pork: that is equal parts of sauté onion and apple.

There’s a story behind this.
Back when my wife and I attended college we took a summer course attending a week of living history at the famous Norlands Farm in Livermore, Maine.   The farm was the home of the Washburn family during the eighteen-hundreds.

The day you arrived at the farm you attended a lecture about the people living at the farm during that era; you were given a persona; and then you walked up the hill to the graveyard and located your grave.  During the following week you lived and worked as that person: Men attended the livestock, milked the cows and worked in the fields  - women did women’s work.  We lived by lamplight at night and used the outhouse in the barn when we had to go – except during the night, there was a chamber pot under the bed.   For one day, during the stay, men swapped their persona with the women: attending the kitchen garden, washing, cooking and cleaning, sewing…    All the meals were cooked on a wood stove - prepared from an old 1800’s cook book.   One of the evening meals was liver smothered in onions and apples.  After working a day in the fields, it was delicious.

At the end of the week we had to select a subject, do a research and write a paper on some local historical happening during the 1800’s.  We would not receive our grade until the research paper was turned in and graded by the Norlands history professor. 

AN ASIDE:   During our four years of college, my wife and I lived in an old 1832 farmhouse, with no electricity, no indoor facilities and no running water.  We grew a food garden, studied by lamplight at night and heated with firewood.   We actually felt like we had come up in time at the Norlands; because they had a pump in the kitchen for water, and at home we carried our water for bathing and cooking from the stream behind the house.

Though I do make onions and apples with a lot of pork meals, for cooking pork chops in the slow cooker I sauté onions and then add applesauce, season one side of the chops with Paul Prudhomme Meat Magic, and cook them on high for four hours then turn them to low for the last three hours.  They are tender and delicious.


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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Tuesday, August 20, 2019



Trump is talking about buying Greenland.   He is saying that to distract from his trouble with the economic downturn.   He would like people to think it has to do with national security: a place for a future military base.   Actually, we already have an Air Force base in Thule, Greenland; and have had that base since the 1940’s

I am retired Navy.   During the early sixties I was attached to the anti-submarine warfare squadron VP-26 out of Brunswick, Maine.

I flew as a Combat Air Crew member of Crew-4,  on a P2V - Neptune bombers.

We blanketing the North Atlantic, searching for Soviet submarines and tracking surface shipping.    

A few years before I was attached to VP-26, a sister squadron lost an aircraft with seven crew members somewhere on the Greenland icecap.  All of the VP squadrons from Brunswick and the Air Force squadrons out of Thule searched for weeks, but never found the downed aircraft and crew. 

Somewhere, frozen into the ice cap of Greenland, is a U.S. Navy P2V-Neptune bomber with seven crew members.  As the ice melts back, perhaps someday we can recover my brothers in flight.

That is what I think of, when I think of Greenland.

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Monday, August 19, 2019



The woke crowd that inhabit the far left proudly consumes kale and avocados in quantities that distinguishing themselves from normal people that prefer meat and starch.   Now they are looking for an alternative to ice cream.

Whole food stores are now carrying frozen deserts made from cauliflower, sweet potatoes, zucchini and even peas.   The brand Oatly is made from oat milk; Cado uses avocados; and Farm to Spoon uses pureed blend of cauliflower and navy beans.   Even whole food companies that produce real ice cream are adding veggies: Peekaboo is producing ice cream with spinach.

Come on.  We are omnivorous animals.   Fine, don’t eat meat; but vegie ice cream is obsessive.

It seems to me these people probably aren’t getting laid regularly.
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Democrats are the nerdy kid in school, and the Republicans are the school bully.   Even though the nerd excels in the classroom, he feels he must survives in the school yard by capitulating to the bully.

Democrats need to keep their eye on the ball.   The only goal they need to peruse is beating Donald Trump in the Electoral College.

All the policy wonk doesn’t amount to a hill of beans for an electoral college victory.   The only thing Democrats should focus on is running someone that can neuter Trump. 

Winning the Democrat nomination is a totally different fight than winning the Presidency.   Biden or Bernie or Warren might walk away with the nomination; but any one of these three would be raped by Trump in a debate.  He would go where they would not, or could not tread.

Warren has a plan for everything.   Of course, none of it is realistic as long as McConnell is in charge of the Senate.   Obama had great plans, but McConnell killed them one by one.   The main problem is, that when attacked by Trump, Warren would respond intelligently – which doesn’t work on a school yard bully.

Bernie reminds me of the old man yelling at clouds.  He would have the same problem with implementing any plan as Warren; and like Warren he wouldn’t know how to get down in the mud and spit in Trumps face.   He might bluster, but he would never land a fatal blow. 

Everybody loves Biden.  He is a good man and has spent his life in government service.   The problem is that Biden is passing his sell by date.    When attacked by Pamala Harris he didn’t know how to respond, and his come-back was: I think my time is up.    While campaigning in Iowa he said, ‘Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids,’ and twice in the last recent weeks he referred to British Prime Minister Theresa May as Margaret Thatcher.    Biden stated that the parents of the Parkland School shooting came to see him when he was Vice President.   The Parkland shooting was in 2018, and he was not Vice President in 2018 – he was probably thinking of the Sandy Hook School shooting.    When asked by the press about Trump calling him Sleepy Joe, Biden’s response was to challenge Trump to push-ups.   Biden might win the Democratic nomination, but Trump would eat his lunch on stage.

I understand what Biden is going through.  I am a few years older than him.   When in conversation, I go to comment on a person or incident and a word or phrase will not come to me.   I can visualize the object or person or what I am trying to say, but the word is not readily retrievable from my hard drive.    I would not presume to participate in a critical debate.  Biden is not up to it.

Again; the object is to beat Trump.   Policy be damn – we can debate policy after taking the Presidency. 

The pit-fighter we do have is Kamala Harris.  She is fast on comebacks, she is aggressive, she is take-no-prisoners.   She is black, she is a woman, she is by far smarter than Trump: she is everything Trump fears.   She could castrate him on stage; and she wouldn’t hesitate to do so.

Rather than falling into the standard Democrat mode of getting all policy obsessed and moaning and groaning about purity and politically correctness, we need to focus on who can take on Trump in a debate and make him look like the ass-hole he is.   In my opinion, Kamala Harris is the only one on the debate stage that can perform that task.

Fuck the poles.  I am not concerned about the idiot base of the Republican Party; I am afraid that the Democrats, in their naiveté, will hand Trump 
another four years.

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Saturday, August 17, 2019


Peter Fonda 
His last ride.

(enlarge to full screen)

Ride free brother
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I have come to the conclusion, that when it comes to appliances, there is no need to depend on well known brand names when purchasing.

There was a time when brand names meant quality, but that is no longer the case. 

Two years ago, we decided to replace our toaster and opted for a Cuisinart from the local kitchen store.   The outside of the toaster is stainless steel, but the metal is so light that if it were any thinner, we could fold it; also, the plastic knob that is used to push the bread down regularly falls off.    In one slot the toast gets dark in the center but stays light around the edges; in the other slot the toast comes out darker on one side then on the other - which means we have to turn the bread around and toast the other side.    I am fairly certain that the heating elements are probably the exact same Chinese elements found in every Walmart special.    We will eventually replace this toaster with a cheap one from Walmart.

We also have a Cuisinart slow cooker.  I like the functions that allow us to sauté and slow cook in the same pot; but again, the stainless steel is paper thin and the bottom of the non-stick removable cooking pan is pitted, like some one stippled it with an ice pick (for those of you that remember what an ice pick is.)    We have used only wooden spoons in the pan, and so the quality of the non-stick is in question.   We will eventually have to replace the cooking pan.

We recently replaced a solidly built, forty-year-old gas cook stove, because the oven thermostat went out and parts are no longer available.   We purchased a new Whirlpool.   The bottom drawer does not line up properly and the metal and plastic are so thin that I am certain I could rip the stove to pieces with my bare hands. 

Perhaps there are still some brands that produce quality; but they are the exception to the rule.    We have a twenty-six-year-old Rainbow vacuum cleaner, with heavy weight stainless steel wands, that is as powerful and efficient as the day we bought it.

My Honda motorcycle, which I loved, had plastic fenders and the chrome was not metal, but chrome covered plastic. 

My car is plastic.  There is no where inside that a magnet would stick.  I do get good gas mileage and it is dependable.

 Perhaps this only bothers old men like me, who remember when cars were made of steel.  You could even bumper up to a stalled car and push it without damaging either.

Young people today have been born and raised in this plastic throw away world.   It is all they know, and a normal part of society.   Technology has advanced so rapidly, that I doubt by the twenty-second century if there would be anything left that I would recognize.

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Friday, August 16, 2019


Trump now wants to purchase Greenland.   He thinks if he buys a country, he can make himself King.

I've got a better idea.   Let's trade the Danes Kentucky for Greenland.   

Mitch McConnell will be a Danish citizen and will need a visa to visit America.  There would no longer be any Kentucky Congress persons or Senators; and along with Moscow Mitch having to find new employment, 

Rand Paul will have to go back to dentistry.  

Seems like a good solution to me.
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Monday, August 12, 2019




Remember when the Republicans were outraged that Michelle Obama wore a sleeveless dress in the oval office?      Fox and Friends went crazy.  

Now, not a word about the new First Lady; even though her nude pics are all over the internet.  Even some girl on girl soft porn.  

There is nothing wrong with nude pics of  a beautiful woman; but the hypocrisy of the party of  family values and fundamentalist Christians is deafening 

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Tuesday, August 6, 2019


Charles Manson did not commit murder but he influenced his followers to murder.

President Trump did not commit murder, but he influences his followers to murder

Calling it as it is:
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Sunday, August 4, 2019


MRMACRUM just posted in his blog Lost in the BoZone  a response to the two mass shootings that have happened over just the last 24 hours.   He makes the point that we have experienced a 400% increase in mass shootings since 2016 – over the period of the Trump Presidency.     He links the GOP as complicit by not raining in the President and separating themselves from the extreme elements of their base.

I would go one step further and lay all the killings by assault type weapons since 2004 directly on the door step of the Republican Party.   They are not just complicit; they are responsible for the carnage.

In 1994 an Assault Weapons Ban was passed by the Democratic congress and signed by President Clinton, with some minor support from Republicans.  The Ban included semi-automatic assault type weapons and extended clips that would enable anyone to fire massive amounts of ammunition in a short time.

The ban was enacted for ten years and expired in 2004.   Attempts were made by the Democrat law makers to renew the ban, but President George W. Bush and the GOP lawmakers, spurred on by the NRA, made sure the Assault Weapons Ban was not renewed.

Think of all the children and adults that have died under fire from a military type assault weapon and rounds from extended mega-clips, since 2004.   All of those deaths are directly the result of a Republican Party that is more concerned with support from weapons manufacturers and gun extremist, than the safety of nation.

Every Republican lawmaker is just as guilty of this mass carnage, as if they had personally held down the trigger and sprayed death on innocent adults and children.

The Republican Party is the party of Death by Gunfire.

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The idea of cell phones has been around since the 1940’s when Dick Tracy used his wrist phone to apprehend criminals.

There was Maxwell Smart and his shoe phone,

 and Star Wars and the flip-phone.

Practical cell phones came around after 2000, and for the last twenty years phones have become more innovative and more popular; and now a cell phone is probably the most important object that everyone owns. 

Elementary school kids carry cell phones; and teenagers and young adults would be dysfunctional without their phones.

Being and old man from the days of telephones that were connected by telephone operators, I often joke that if people could they would have their phones embedded in their brains.

Now that is not so far fetched.

A company formed by Elon Musk is developing a devise that connects your brain to a smartphone.

  Dozens of wire implants will be connected to a transmitter that tucks behind the ear like a hearing aid and transmits signals to your computer or smart phone. 

This is not a new idea, as scientist have been testing brain implants on paralyzed patients, allowing them to move computer cursors and robotic arms.

But now, Musk predicts he will have a telepathy device for healthy people within a decade. 

Do you really think that young people will not line up for 24/7 cell phone implants? 

   I have no doubt that within fifty years everyone will be a walking cell phone.

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Friday, August 2, 2019


I'm just saying: Mind your own business.
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The evolutionary function of every species is to reproduce.   The animal holdover in man’s DNA is to look at every attractive woman as a sex object.   For years this placed women in an uncomfortable position. The only power she wheeled in a male dominated society was to use sex as a means of manipulation, which also made her vulnerable to unwanted attention, and solidified her as a sexual creature.   Her only safety roll was as wife and mother.

We are moving past the era of male domination.  Women outnumber men and are learning that they have massive power in their vote.   We are moving from an age of brawn to brain where women are competitive.   Men will always view women sexually, but now united, women are setting limits on men’s behavior, that have historically made them uncomfortable and vulnerable. 

The Me-Too and gender equality movements have flooded into Liberal politics and idealism.

But there is a time to call bullshit:

The Berkeley, California city Council has voted to remove all references to gender from its municipal code.  The cities Manholes will now be call maintenance holes, brothers and sisters will always be known as siblings and he and she will now be referred to as they.

A woman in Britten has designed a chair to prevent manspreading; the male tendency to sit with legs wide apart in a display of male dominance.    Laila Laurel, age 23, said her own experience was from men infringing on her space.  The chair is shaped to force men to sit with their legs close together.

Obviously, Laila Laurel’s experience doesn’t extend to the physiology of the junk between men’s legs that makes it damn uncomfortable for us to sit with legs together.

If women feel they must demasculinize men to attain gender equality they should neuter their male children at birth; this might also be the answer to population control, as one male can fertilize any number of women – and has the desire to do so.

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Thursday, August 1, 2019


I have followed James Lee Burke’s novels about his Cajun Louisiana Sherriff, Dave Robicheaux, since its beginning.   Having been raised in Mississippi I have a fondness for Cajun food, music and culture.  

As an example of  Burke's writing in his latest Robicheaux novel, New Iberia Blues, there is a non-liberal, no bllshit list that would be good to set to memory, to get you through the roughest bumps in life.    It is called:

“Lessons of Dave
1.      Don’t silhouette on a hill
2.     Get rid of your jewelry, particularly civilian junk.   Ostentation can put you in a box.
3.      Don’t make enemies with anyone in records.
4.      Don’t threaten anyone who knows your location when you don’t know his.
5.      Never piss off people who prepare or serve your food.
6.       Be aware that clerks and secretaries run the world and own rubber stamps tat can turn your life into a broken pay toilet.
7.       Never sass a hack or drill sergeant, or dull-witted white southerner who has authority over you.
8.       Grin and walk through the cannon smoke.   It drives the bad guys up a wall.
9.       Get the right people on your side.   Who would you rather have covering your back in a back-alley brawl?   A liberal academic or a hobnailed redneck.
10.                       Never buy into the acronym FEAR (Fuck everything and run.)   Swallow your blood and don’t let others know you’re hurt.  If it doesn’t work spit in their face.
11.                          Even in the most desperate of situations, stay away from the herd.  Situating yourself between loud oinking sounds and the trough is a surefire way to get trampled to death. 
12.                       Burn this list before anyone catches you with it.”

Burke not only writes a damn good story, but his characters are realistic – flaws and all.   You can pull a lot of lessons for life from his characters:

It’s only Rock and Roll
Everyone dies
Go with the flow
And try to have a few laughs

     Dave’s friend, Cletus Purcell

If you can’t read, get the audio books
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In a poll for the world’s most admired women, Michelle Obama ranks 1st followed by Oprah Winfrey and Angelina Jolie.  Hillary Clinton was 8th, and Melania Trump took 19th.

Among the world’s most admired men Bill Gates ranked 1st followed by Barack Obama, Jackie Chan and President Xi Jinping.  The Dalai Lama was 8th, Vladimir Putin came in 10th, and President Trump ranked 14th.