Sunday, August 4, 2019


MRMACRUM just posted in his blog Lost in the BoZone  a response to the two mass shootings that have happened over just the last 24 hours.   He makes the point that we have experienced a 400% increase in mass shootings since 2016 – over the period of the Trump Presidency.     He links the GOP as complicit by not raining in the President and separating themselves from the extreme elements of their base.

I would go one step further and lay all the killings by assault type weapons since 2004 directly on the door step of the Republican Party.   They are not just complicit; they are responsible for the carnage.

In 1994 an Assault Weapons Ban was passed by the Democratic congress and signed by President Clinton, with some minor support from Republicans.  The Ban included semi-automatic assault type weapons and extended clips that would enable anyone to fire massive amounts of ammunition in a short time.

The ban was enacted for ten years and expired in 2004.   Attempts were made by the Democrat law makers to renew the ban, but President George W. Bush and the GOP lawmakers, spurred on by the NRA, made sure the Assault Weapons Ban was not renewed.

Think of all the children and adults that have died under fire from a military type assault weapon and rounds from extended mega-clips, since 2004.   All of those deaths are directly the result of a Republican Party that is more concerned with support from weapons manufacturers and gun extremist, than the safety of nation.

Every Republican lawmaker is just as guilty of this mass carnage, as if they had personally held down the trigger and sprayed death on innocent adults and children.

The Republican Party is the party of Death by Gunfire.

the Ol’Buzzard


  1. Yes, the Republicans are guilty of not reining in their Liar in Chief or passing bills to stop the carnage, but it is also true that authorities are guilty of not keeping track of and sharing intel of possible shooters with area police. I believe that many of these mass shootings could have been prevented if there was sharing of all intelligence on any postings on the internet or social media sites. Many of these guys are looking for fame and glory from the others they talk to on bulletin boards. They post their thoughts and other crap almost every time before they go shooting.

  2. Nobody seems to be interested in what is causing this insanity. What changed in the last 20 years that allows these people to think this kind of action is allowable?

    I honestly think that it might be the mood altering meds being pushed my the medical industry... it has been hard to find out what/if they are taking ...

  3. Thank you for providing the hard facts. While we all have a gut feeling that things are getting worse, it is critical that we back-up our observations with the historical facts & figures. One questions that keeps haunting me: "This is making America great again???"

  4. Our government should ban assault weapons and large capacity magazine ownership by civilians. The El Paso and Dayton crazies got their guns LEGALLY. Civilians do not need guns that hold more than 3-6 rounds. If you are a sports hunter or want a gun for protection and you can't hit what you want with 3-6 bullets, you should not be shooting. Period. I am not against gun ownership - but seriously - civilians do not need to own Assault Weapons and Large Capacity Magazines!

  5. tRump's inflammatory blather fires up his "base" and the ones on the edge just take the next logical (in their minds) step. I am somewhat surprised that more ordinary citizens don't own more artillery and anti-tank type weapons.

  6. Only The Republican Party can read the ElPaso shooter's manifesto of why he did it and the R's say it's not their fault.


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