Wednesday, October 30, 2019


Democrats need to focus.   The object of the Democrat convention should be to elect someone who can beat Donald Trump.

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The brightest and most able candidate is Mayor Peat.  But there is an elephant in the room that has so far been ignored.  Catholics, white fundamentalist Christians and the religious black community will never vote for a gay couple to occupy the White House.   Buttigieg is not

Like Hillary, Joe Biden is the comfortable, Washington insider, considered next in line by the Ol’Boy network.   But Joe is not on top of his game.   Age matters when creeping senility begins to show.   Joe is not capable of winning a debate against Donald Trump.   He would be made to look foolish when confronted with a Trump attack.

Of the front runners, that leaves Sanders and Warren.

Bernie has a young following.   He is to the Democrat party what Trump was to the Republican.   He might hold his on standing up in a debate with Trump; but Bernie is a one trick pony.    He is an outsider and the overall enthusiasm for him seems to be limited to his cult followers.   But we can’t write Bernie off.

Elizabeth Warren occupies the same space as Bernie.   Though near the same age, she seems younger and is full of an energy that most of the other candidate’s lack.   She can occupy a stage and is perfectly capable of going toe to toe with Trump. 

 Policies be damned.  The person who can beat Trump will have to occupy a stage with him and make him look foolish.  It will be stage presence and pizzazz that will sway voters, not policies.  We need to keep our eye on the ball and nominate someone that is exciting and capable of a counter attack. 

The rest of the field needs to drop out.  They have had their thirty minutes of fame, and now need to make way for the selection of a candidate that actually has a chance of winning.

There are only two choices: Democrat or Republican.   If you don’t vote Democrat you are casting your vote for four more years of Donald Trump. 

Saturday, October 26, 2019


I got up at 3 a.m last night to go downstairs to do an old man's pee.   The night light in the bathroom gave me enough illumination to hit the toilet.   We live in the woods and always keep the shade up in the bathroom.  Just as I was getting ready to go back to bed I turned and saw a shadow on the bathroom door.   My Nook Book was handy so I grabbed it and snapped a picture.  

We have a new moon with just a sliver crescent of light.  The night was clear and the stars were vivid. 

 The shadow only last a few seconds and then faded away.   

When I showed the picture to my wife, she just smiled in a knowing way and said, 'Some things men aren't meant to understand."

the Ol'Buzzard

Wednesday, October 23, 2019


Now you too can walk in the path of Jesus.   Nike’s new “Biblical Air Max 97 Custom” sneakers come with Bible inscriptions, steel crucifixes on the laces, and soles filled with “holy water” from the River Jordan.

The price is a just $1,425.00; the perfect Christmas gift for the true believers.    A small price to walk in Jesus shoes.

  the Ol'Buzzard

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Remember when you diagrammed sentences in English class?

I am far from precise in spoken English; so, this is not a complaint, but an observation.

My wife and I were walking in the University gym today when I heard a young girl talking to a friend: ‘We left, like, two-thirty this morning….’

What part of speech is like?  Like is in common usage with everyone under thirty – and many older.   It is not used as a noun, it is not a verb, it is not a conjunction, it is not modifying anything –   do we need to invent a new part of speech?

I think we should indoctrinate young children to replace like with what the fuck.  

We left, what the fuck, two-thirty this morning…

Like, Wow!
What the fuck, Wow!

And I was, like, I’m not going.
And I was, what the fuck, I’m not going.

I said, like, really?
I said, what the fuck, really?

You have got to admit this replacement would make speech a lot more colorful. 

the Ol’Buzzard


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The world of politics is absolutely exhausting.  An incompetent President and complicit Republican Party, along with twenty-four-seven news, warning of impending disaster…

While back in my real world I just finished building a new set of back porch steps, I have changed the oil in my snow blower and stored my lawn mower away for the year.   My fire wood is in, my oil and LP gas tank are filled: winter is coming…

I tell myself I shouldn’t be concerned about the disintegrations of the country I have known for eight decades, because I am not going to live into the dystopian future.   So, it can all go to hell in a handbag; and it is someone’s else’s problem. 

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Riding through the foot hills of western Maine today was existing in a world of such vivid color that my sensory synapses were almost overloaded.   What a gorgeous place to live in. 


Thursday, a rain and wind storm will come through our area and the trees will be stripped bare.   It won’t be long until the first virgin snow covers the land turning the world to black and white.

What a downer listening to the news.

Individual.   Society.   Individual.   Society.   Individual.  Society. 

What a cluster fuck society is: a social disorder of sound and fury signifying nothing. 

I am really pleased with my new back steps.

the Ol'Buzzard

Wednesday, October 2, 2019


Let's start impeachment inquiries - as soon as we get back from our two-weeks vacation.

 What the fuck
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Tuesday, October 1, 2019


Day temps have been in the fifties and night temps dropping into the low forties.    We have been dressing in heavier clothes and been comfortable with the house at seventy degrees; but last night it rained and today the sky has been heavily overcast, with rain expected this afternoon, so the house feels damp.

So this afternoon I fire off the wood stove.   The price of firewood has gone up to $240.00 a cord, but oil is $3.04 a gallon.   Our monitor stove can keep our house at a steady temperature but will continue to cycle on and off throughout the day.   However, our wood stove will heat up the house quickly, and since we are well insulated the house will stay warm with just the initial fire.

 This is one of the strangest falls I have seen here in Maine.   Usually the color begins with the maple trees gradually turning bright red and orange.  About a week after the maples begin their turn the birch and poplar go to yellow and finally, about another week, the maples are peaking and the ash and other hardwood trees bring on color. There is usually about four weeks of dazzling color.

This year the maples colored and peaked in about a week and then went over, well before the other hardwoods started to color.   Now the birch and poplar have peaked and the other trees are yet to turn.    I have lived mainly in Maine since the early sixties, and I don’t ever remember a fall where the color has seemed disrupted.

Some years a storm with wind and rain would knock the color down, but that is not the case this year.   September temperatures were all over the place.  Some days near ninety followed by days in the seventies, then warm days in the eighties followed with days falling into the sixties.   Perhaps this roller coaster of temperatures has screwed up the trees seasonal clock.

Oh well, winter is coming. 
the Ol’Buzzard