Sunday, February 27, 2022



Friday night I held her in my arms as she took her last breath.  A terrible decision to have to make.   My wife and I  are devastated.   Our young cat is searching the house for her. 


She went from 14 pounds to 7 pounds in a matter of months; the cancer in her stomach and chest caused her to gasp for breath.  

We know it was the right thing to do, but it doesn't make it any easier.  

I can't list the number of ways we miss her.

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Thursday, February 24, 2022



Twenty years of Iraq war and no one paid attention, except military families.      Civilians weren’t deploying and dying.  Some few protested, but no one really cared.   Life went on.   It didn’t affect us.  


World governments have rightly decided to support the fledgling democracy of Ukraine against an invasion from Russia.   Read the history of Russia: The Gulag, Chernobyl…  Deaths and destruction resulting from a Russian invasion


Employing sanctions against Russia will result in gas prices spiking upward, and as a result the price of consumer goods will rise. 


Now we can expect the population to pay attention – it affects us.


We will hear an outcry, not just from the right – whiney little subversive bastards they are - but also from people on the left who are not willing to actually sacrifice to support democracy when it becomes an inconvenience.


Because the majority is not willing to back a foreign country from invasion when it becomes personal, this action will more than likely put Republicans back in power in 24. 

Dominant world powers historically last for 250 years.   Have you taken a close look at who we are lately?  


Karma is not a bitch, it’s a mirror.


the Ol’Buzzard



Monday, February 21, 2022




Man shall have dominion over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.


Elizabeth Kolbert book, The 6th Extinction tracks the catastrophic events that led to five extinction on planet Earth.    The 6th extinction to be brought about by mankind, ‘who has led a ten-thousand-year exercise in defying nature’, and has drastically altered earth’s climate over a duration of one century.


Her new book, Under a White Sky reviews man’s technological research to deal with the results of the climate change we are presently witnessing.


There is no doubt that the world we live in will look dramatically different in one-hundred years; if we survive this era.   Mankind is only limited by the speed of his ability to compute and the volume of information he can retrieve; and with super computers mankind has conquered that deficiency.  There is some confidence in the scientific community (the brain trust of mankind) that we will be able to adjust to the changing climate.




Cassandra was priestess of Apollo in Greek mythology; cursed to utter true prophecies, but never to be believed.


Though climate change is of major concern to the survival of the human race, it is not the elephant in the room, the most likely scenario to apocalyptic destruction of every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.


We are looking at the possibility of another massive war in Europe.  But this only highlights the concern.


Nuclear weapons have proliferated through the earth’s nations: Chins, North Korea, Pakistan, India, undoubtedly Israel, soon to be Iran; and of course, the United States and Russia.


The world has two nuclear super powers, each with the capability of destroying all life on earth many times over.   So far, we have had reasonable men holding the reins on the world nuclear arsenals; but that is not a guarantee.  


President Trump asked general Kelly why we have nuclear weapons and don’t use them?


In Ronald Regan’s last year in office, he suffered from dementia.   Donald Trump was called a moron by his Chief of Staff.  The world is full of despots, and then we have religious fanatical states each looking forward to an end of the world scenario.  It is not beyond belief today that Republicans could elect Marjory Taylor Green or that ilk to be in charge of our nuclear arsenal.


We should not believe that nuclear weapons will never be deployed against humanity.  It had been done before.    In 1945 two very primitive nuclear weapons destroyed two Japanese cities killing over three-hundred-and-fifty-thousand civilians.


This is a scenario waiting to happen.


Mankind still possesses a primitive strain in his DNA that effects the species beyond reason.

Have a nice day

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Saturday, February 19, 2022




the Ol'Buzzard




The two major super powers on earth are posturing.  Each with enough nuclear weaponry to destroy all life on earth.


If the world was energy independent, economic trade pressures could be brought against rogue countries that would somewhat negate wars.


Russia’s only economy is oil and gas.    The middle-east countries only economy is oil and gas.


Total energy independence is feasible; but capitalism makes it impossible.   The rich exploit to grow wealth; so, the movers and shakers of the world have no incentive to divest of energy control.


We have the technology to deploy a satellite telescope to orbit the sun and view time all the way back to creation.   If that same technology was deployed toward energy independence, we could be energy free within a decade.


Every home could be energy independent.  Heated and cooled from thermal heat pumps and energized by efficient solar arrays on rooftops and elevated structures.   Cars could be energy independent of fossil fuels; plugged in to home solar arrays for charging and equipped with solar collectors on all surfaces – along with wind-turbines and centrifugal force generators.  


Solar, wind, water and tidal collectors could supply all the power needed for economic and commercial purposes.  The tidal change in the Bay of Fundy alone could convert enough energy for North America to be free of the need for fossil fuel produced energy.


Total world energy independence would place rogue countries in a less powerful position – and economic sanctions from world organizations could carry more weight.  


This is all feasible, but buried in our DNA is a primitive strain that drives us to compete for power and wealth, with a willingness toward violence.     This drive is exploited through capitalism and greed; and I see no hope that that will ever change in our future.


Though we claim to be a sentient intelligent species, we share 97% of our DNA with our cousins, Chimpanzees.   And a good percent of the human population has not progressed far from our primitive ancestors most basic instincts.  


Add to that the zealotry of religions and there is little hope we will ever conquer war.


the Ol'Buzzard

Monday, February 14, 2022



News papers are expressing fear for the economy because stock values are falling due to the possibility of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. 


That just shows where the government’s economic priorities are.  Judging the economy by the fluctuations of the stock market reflect how well the rich are doing.   It ignores the economic plight of the middle and poorer classes where the real economy exists.

the Ol'Buzzard




Janet enters the murder room.  Her husband is on the floor in a pool of blood. On the wall, written in blood, is the message, youre next.    She leans over, dips her finger in her husband’s blood, and on the wall puts an apostrophe: you’re.


I love language, though I often abuse it - too lazy to go back over what I have typed and put in the apostrophes, or just comfortable with the way I have expressed myself.


I am not a stickler on correct spelling and grammar (but thank you Microsoft for your spell checker).   To me, the purpose of language is to communicate.    


Communication is different in different cultures.   I was told by an Athabaskan Indian in a Native village that white men talk too much.    And he was right.   We can’t stand dead air space in a conversation. 


When we first arrived in the villages, we might have two Native women come to the house; we would greet them and they would nod their heads.   We would give them tea and they would sit on the couch silently drinking their tea.  Then at some point they would state what they had come over for; perhaps, My son not like go to school.   In the meantime, we had filled the room with rambling words and sentences in an attempt to fill the void.


An Inuit can often express a entire meaning with the rise of an eyebrow.    I am still furious when I think about standardized testing judging the children in these remote villages from a requirement they write essays in standard and correct grammar.    Their stories are rich when expressed in their own village language. 


We all misuse words; but their origins are interesting.  Here is some word rambling:

The word decimate literally means - to slaughter every tenth one.

The word dilemma, the di comes from the Greek for two; so the meaning is limited to two choices.    The dilemma of choosing the road ahead or the one less traveled. 


Thanks to computers we can modify grammar with bold or italic entries.  I love semicolons and dashes.   Again, language is all about communicating your thoughts. 


So a great fuck-you to the word police who would willingly destroy a thought in the name of inane rules. 

the Ol’Buzzard







Saturday, February 12, 2022





The James Webb Space Telescope has successfully deployed and is now 700,000 miles into its one-million mile destination: a gravity-neutral spot known as Lagrange Point – 2, where it will begin to orbit around the sun. 

The James Webb is the most powerful telescope ever built and will be capable of looking out to the very edge of the observable universe.   Astrophysicist and other scientist will be able to collect light from the first stars and galaxies that formed immediately after the Big Bang, 13.5 billion years ago.


The quest for knowledge is the one noble attribute of the human race.  Unfortunately, ignorance in the name of religions has always own the day and opposed any quest for enlightenment. (God forbid Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge.)  


What a duality the human race is.  There are complete morons willing to riot as cult members of a con-man looking to maintain political power; and on the opposite extreme there are scientist probing the very question of existence.  

the Ol’Buzzard


Friday, February 11, 2022


What happened to selecting a picture from a group on a blog I am reading and being able to scroll through the rest?   Now we have to view one picture at a time - select each one separately then use the back arrow to get back to the rest.

I hate updates..  why not leave everything alone when it is working just fine.  

the Ol'Buzzard


You commented on my post about my plans for a spring container garden in Maine, that you wished you could have a raised bed garden.   

One of the YouTube videos I watched has an idea for a movable raised bed garden.   

I am posting the video here, and perhaps it can give you ideas.   

The video is rambling, but the basic idea is intriguing. 

A number of decades ago, here in Maine, sewer sludge was used as a fertilizer in gardens in one of the most productive areas of the state, and now they are finding that the soils and wells of the area are contaminated with heavy metals.   There are a lot of organic gardeners in this area, and of course, they are devastated.   

I do believe that food from home grown gardens is far superior to commercial vegetables we buy at the supermarket, and there is even more control on home grown vegetables than perhaps from organic growers. 

In this time and age of food shortages and rising food cost, going back to Victory Gardens makes sense to me.   Any small amount of our food consumption that I can home grow will make me feel productive, and I will know that the quality of the food is good. 

the Ol'Buzzard

Saturday, February 5, 2022




We received twelve inches of snow earlier in the week, and yesterday we had well over a foot with steady wind.   The snow blower could barely manage the depth and I had to shovel out our gas tanks that were buried. 

A year ago we moved from our cabin in the woods to a more manageable home.   

We loved our cabin, but heating with firewood, and the physical requirements of maintaining our place during the Maine winters, was getting a little much for an octogenarian.


The downside of living surrounded by woods was there was never enough sunlight to grow a garden.   I missed gardening. 


The place we now live in has a large open front yard with plenty of sunlight.   This spring I intend to plant a starter garden – something small, just a few plants.   Along with the prospect of fresh vegetables, a garden gives me something to plan during the dark days of winter.


For the first time in years, I am ordering seed catalogues and watching YouTube bits about gardening.   I am not planning to plant an extensive garden or build raised beds.   Just limited planting in containers and grow-bags.  Grow-bags are something new, and seem ideal for an urban gardener. 



Our yard is full of ants.   It is my belief that when man finally manages to bring total destruction of surface life on earth, it will be the ants, not the cockroaches that survive.  By using grow-bags, I can plant on our steps, in our parking area and avoid an ant problem.


I am thinking about planting one zucchini and one yellow squass (zucchini produce all summer), three tomato plants (one cherry, one determinant and one indeterminant), a cucumber plant, radishes and a large planter with herbs.   But in my mind, the garden keeps getting bigger.


Maine has a short growing season so I will buy tomato plants; but I am also thinking about purchasing a small greenhouse to start seeds and seedlings early.  When we lived subsistence, off-the-grid, while attending college, I started my plants in solar heated hot-boxes that I designed, and had plants producing weeks earlier that the locals.

$39.00 at Tractor Supply


Maybe I’ll grow some carrots.   Scallions are a necessity.   Then there are peppers - I like peppers; I understand potatoes grow well in grow-bags, and so does lettuce, eggplant, broccoli, beets, bush beans -  I have heard you can grow corn in grow bags -  broccoli and cauliflower…


the Ol’Buzzard