Friday, September 29, 2017


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Tuesday, September 26, 2017


My wife and I went up to Greenville on Moosehead lake for a couple of days and had a very pleasant stay at the Greenville Inn. 

Just past Bingham we rode through an area of wind farms: majestic windmills scattered along high ridges – quite a sight.

I was surprised, when we shopped in Greenville, that many of the stores posted signs opposing wind farms.  

One of the shop owners told me she opposed the farms because they ruin the scenic beauty of the pristine wilderness, the noise created by the windmills drive the moose from their habitat and the rotating blades kill birds
I personally think the windmills are beautiful; and as far as ascetics, nothing is as sore to the eyes and foreign to the wilderness as a cell phone tower jutting from a distant mountain - and there are no complaints about cell phone towers.

Windmills do not disturb the moose population.  Moose do not inhabit the top of tall ridges – they seek low valleys and marshy lake shores.  I suppose the windmills may occasionally kill a bird, but most migrating birds will modify their flight paths to avoid these moving structures.

One of the last complaints is that the power from these wind farms is shipped out of state ‘to Massachusetts.’  

Actually, the power from the wind farms goes into the national power grid and Maine buys its power from that grid, which is mostly produced by oil and coal fired plants down south.
I found the woman’s explanation unbelievably hypocritical.
Every hour float planes roar off the Greenville docks taking tourist on sightseeing tours. 

 These planes fly at low altitude over the lake shore spotting moose and bear for tourist entertainment.   

 Power boats charge over the lake disturbing wildlife along the shores, occasionally killing waterfowl chicks and driving loons off their nest.

Hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails converge around Greenville, and hundreds of out of state snowmobilers convoy on these trails, roaring through remote wilderness areas, driving deer from their bedding grounds and pushing moose into deep snow. 

The economy of Greenville is based on tourism; and the disturbance to wildlife habitat caused by wind farms is only a minute percentage when compared to the damage caused by the huge influx of tourist, during all seasons of the year, into the Moosehead area.

If it were economically advantageous to Greenville businesses to conduct tours through these wind farms there would be no complaints.

This reminds me of Alaska, where they kill the wolves to save the moose, so hunters can kill the moose.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Four hurricanes of a category three our higher have been recorded since Harvey hit the coast of Texas twenty-six days ago.   This is not an all-time record, but it is among the records. 

According to Bob Henson, a meteorologist for Weather Underground, a forecasting service, “We are running about twice the pace of a typical season.”    Henson notes, “Ten of the fifteen most active hurricane seasons since antebellum America have occurred in the past two decades.”

It is not possible to trace any of these hurricanes to a particular incident of climate change; but, it is an accepted scientific conclusion that man made climate change, caused by the uncontrolled dumping of carbon into our atmosphere, will result in more frequent hurricanes and more violent hurricanes.  

'The good thing about science is that it is true, whether or not you believe in it."   Neil deGrasse Tyson

As ice caps melt sea levels will rise and the salinity of the ocean waters will change.   As seas become diluted oceans currents will shift causing a change in climatic zones.   Warmer oceans, the results of greenhouse effect, will spawn more frequent and more violent storms.

All of this is already happening. 

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I can remember when people use to have down time.   They would sit quietly on the porch in a rocker or inside in a comfortable chair, smoke, drink coffee or tea or liquor, and just relax and think.

One of the problems with technology is that people don’t have time to think – they are always five minutes away from their cell phone, surfing on their computer or watching TV.   There is no down time.   We are constantly plugged in. 

When I am not involved with some obligation, I don’t do the cell phone or social media (except blogging); but I do watch TV, spend time on the computer, and my time away from technology is reading.     But like everyone else, I don’t have down time to just think and reflect – except early in the mornings when I wake up and don’t feel like going back to sleep – like this morning. 

Did you ever wonder about your doctors?   What school they graduated from and what their grades were? 

Why would someone want to become a podiatrist?   Would some kid graduating from high school decide he really wanted to spend four years as an undergraduate and six years in medical school in order to trim ingrown toe nails, treat athletes foot and prescribe special shoes for deformed feet? 

Don’t get me wrong - we need Podiatrist; but it makes me wonder if he flunked out of internal medicine and surgery and the school gave him the option of podiatry?   

Why would anyone want to go into Podiatry or Dermatology if they could be a brain surgeon or heart surgeon or a General Practitioner?  

Do medical schools, with their motto of ‘Do No Harm,’ tell a student in surgery, whose hand is a little shaky and eyesight not sharp, that they don’t feel he should operate on live people, but they will gladly qualify him as a pathologist where he can do autopsies - surgery on the dead?

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?   It does me.

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Monday, September 18, 2017


I have had my new Cuisinart four quart, three-in-one slow cooker for about a month.   It is expensive when compared to the slow cookers available at Walmart, costing around a hundred dollars; but I expect to have it for many years – as least as many as I have left.

Yesterday I made beef stew.    I started with what Justin Wilson, the old Cajun cook, would call the Trinity: one onion chopped, and equal volume of celery chopped and four garlic cloves chopped.   The Trinity goes directly in the slow cooker set on saute.  

After about three minutes, when the trinity was cooked through, I added two pounds of steak cubed (any kind of steak -I like chuck) liberally sprinkled with Paul Prudhomme’s Meat Magic and a little salt and pepper.   

 Leaving the cooker on saute it took about five minutes to brown the steak; then I add a cup of beef stock and switch the cooking mode to slow cook – on high. 

 After six hours, I switch the cooking mode back to saute, bringing the stew to a good boil (about one minute) and add a mixture of two tablespoons of corn starch dissolved in a quarter-cup of cold water, to the pot as a thickener.  

After a few minutes, when the stew was thick to my liking, I cut the slow cooker off and added my precooked cubed potatoes and carrots: I don’t like vegetables cooked in the stew because I feel they lose their individual flavor and become mushy.

Think of the pots I saved by being able to cook everything in the slow cooker. 

I do most of the cooking at our house and for some reason my wife doesn’t complain.

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Sunday, September 10, 2017



Saturday on a Lester Holt TV news broadcast about expected hurricane damage, the news reporter in Florida interviewed a man walking his dog outside of one of the public shelters. The man was retired and had recently bought property in Florida; he and his wife had had time to evacuate but decided to ride out the storm at one of the shelters.  When asked if he was worried the man responded that their safety ‘was in God’s hands.’  

What the fuck?   A class four hurricane barreling down on you with death and destruction predicted in its wake…   But God is looking after you?


We must take care of stupid people along with everybody else.  I urge everyone that can, donate to the Salvation Army, because 100% of your donation will go to flood relief victims.


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Tuesday, September 5, 2017


The Liberal Redneck on protesters in Virginia.

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WARNING:  this post may not be suitable for children under twelve and fundamentalist Christians.

You constantly hear males refer to their balls when referring to machismo: He’s got a set of balls…  Why don’t you grow a set of balls…

It seems ridiculous when you realize that a small smack to the nether regions of a male can send him to his knees crying for his mother.   

Now vaginas - those organs are rugged.   They can take a pounding and come right back for more.   They can squirt out a twelve-pound package, twenty inches long and eight inches in diameter, and the woman will be back to work in a few days, and the vagina back functional within a few weeks.

So the next time you hear some guy reference his balls - correct him.  Tell him if he really wants to be tough – he should grow a vagina.

It just seems logical
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Friday, September 1, 2017


The high temperature today was 56 degrees.   Here in western Maine color is starting to show on the trees.  Goldenrod is in full bloom waiting for the first frost which is not far away.  Today I worked on electrical wiring installing a GFCI electrical outlet in the bathroom and my wife began decorating the house for fall. 

There is a lot I could post on today, but it all seems trivial in light of the hurricane damage in Texas and the never-ending outrages that is the daily behavior of the President of the United States.

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