Sunday, September 15, 2019


After an unusually cool August, early signs of Fall are everywhere here in Western Maine.   There are bright splotches of orange and red in the maple trees, and the hummingbirds have abandon our feeders. 

We tolerate summer for the tomatoes; but Fall and Winter are our time of year.  Soon we will be in such vivid color that it is almost an overload; followed by the first pristine snow fall that will turn the world white.   

With day temperatures around sixty and night temps dropping into the forties and fifties I have donned my lighter weight long johns.   

Today I have to change the filter in our oil tank and get our Monitor heater on line.   I  have left much of my summer maintenance to the last minute, so for the next two weeks I have to become responsible and dutifully perform.   

Here in Maine, Winter is always coming

Wednesday, September 11, 2019



Fifteen of the nineteen hijackers on the attack of 9/11 were citizens of Saudi Arabia.   Osama bin Laden was Saudi Arabian.  The hijackers were financed by wealthy Saudi businessmen.  

On 9/11 The United States was attacked by factions of Saudi Arabia.

Why don’t we call it as it is?

the Ol’Buzzard


Psychologist have an ongoing debate of ‘nurture or nature’ as the primary contributor to human development.  We are a product of our social experiences, learning and social norms; but we are a young species that just stepped out of the trees on the African plains some four million years ago.

In the process of evolution, the primary aim of every species is to reproduce itself.  Embedded in our DNA is the sequence that has allowed our species to survive – and some might say too successfully for our own good.

The human animal reproduces sexually.   Women and men have different functions in reproduction.  Women produce approximately 250 eggs in their lifetime.   One ejaculation of a man contains more than enough sperm to impregnate every female in the United States.

Women, once impregnated, experience a lengthy pregnancy, during which she nourishes the developing young in her body, then after birth provides nourishment, security and comfort for a helpless infant.

After birth man’s instinct is to provide and protect his sexual partners, and by extension the children, from environmental dangers and other males.

Women until menopause, and men throughout their lifetime have the desire to copulate.   This is the animal side of our DNA that ensures the continuation of the species.

In the evolutionary process of genetic replication, women’s success depended on the number of children she could produce and nurture, and man’s success was decided by the number or women he could inseminate.

Ahh, there is the rub.  

 With the advancement of cultural norms and science and technology, the reproduction of the species no longer defines the roles of women and men.   Women are now moving into Maslow’s definition of Self Actualization – pride in self and accomplishment. 

This is an adjustment that conflicts with four million years of human development.

We, as a species, are going through a struggle to redefine the roles of women and men into the future.  The acceptance of sex and sexual desire has to have a place in those social norms and, a definition between sexual predation and sexual invitation must be understood. 

the Ol’Buzzard

Tuesday, September 10, 2019


When I turned 70, I did a static line parachute jump at 5,000 feet.

Now, a decade later, and not being of sound mind and even less sound in body, I decided I wanted to do a solo freefall parachute jump.   The nearest jump school was three-and-a-half hours from home (seven hours round trip) but I made the trip down and signed up on a Saturday.  Another round trip the following Wednesday (leaving the house at 4 a.m.) to attended an eight-hour training – coming home with muscles aching that I hadn’t used for years.   Yesterday, another trip down, leaving the house at 4:35 a.m. 

I arrived – some more training – then wait…   We had a cloud cover and students can’t jump in clouds. 

About 2 p.m. they canceled it for students.   You could still jump tandem with an instructor or come back the next day to try again.   The weather forecast shows mostly cloudy for the whole week, so I said fuck-it and jumped tandem.   The idea of a fourth seven-hour round trips in one week sucked.

We went out at 15,000 feet - free fall for 10,000 feet; then flew the chute down for a landing.   It wasn’t a solo jump as I had planned; but it was great – and I got it out of my system. 


In retrospect, the reality is that I am too fucking old to keep playing young men’s games.  I would recommend a tandem jump for anyone – you don’t have to go through all the training I did for a solo freefall.


I am sore this morning, but ambulatory: thank god for BC Powders.

the Ol’Buzzard

Friday, September 6, 2019


We carry no guilt for the acts and beliefs of our ancestors.   Different times, different places, different mores, different accepted values...

My grandmother's uncle was in the Klan and her generation of my family in the 20’s and 30’s in Mississippi were proud of it.  One of her brothers was the head warden of the infamous Parchment Penal Farm in Mississippi.  Yet, I have great-great-grandparents that fought of both sides of the Civil War.  One of my great-great grandfathers died in the battle of Shiloh fighting for the North. 

Slavery was an abomination everywhere.   Slavery existed in British, French, Portuguese, and Dutch colonies into the 19th. century.

Are there atrocities throughout history?  Yes.    The human race is an atrocious animal. 

Rather than mire ourselves in the past we should only be accountable for our actions today, for we live in a different time and different place. 

The discussion for reparation for slavery is a dividing issue and should not become a Democrat issue in the 2020 election.  Remember: the one and only goal should be to defeat Donald Trump. 

The discussion of reparation should be put on hold until after the 2020 election; at that time this discussion is warranted.

the Ol'Buzzard  

Saturday, August 24, 2019


Once a Democrat is selected to run against Trump, it is a sure bet that Trump will float out a derogatory name as a tag for his opponent. 

It is important for the Democratic Nominee to have a fast come-back that will nail Trump at his own game. 

That being said, I offer this as a possibility:

 President Trump, you surely look slim up here at the podium.  Are you wearing a spanks, or a full figure girdle?   You know, I’ve seen you out on the golf course where you look like a fat walrus with teeny tiny hands.   I think I will call you tt for teeny-tiny, or else tw for teeny-weeny………hands.

Democrats are always quick to say, if you wrestle a hog in the slop, you’ll get filthy and the hog will enjoy it.   Also, when they go low, we go high: but that’s not going to work with Trump.   Sometimes you have to wade into the slop to kick the hog in the ass. 

the Ol’Buzzard