Saturday, May 8, 2021



Maine is a huge state with most of its population along the coast, supported by the tourist industry.  However, rural Maine stayed tied to a rustic life-style throughout most of the 20th century, with logging and farming being the main sources of employment.    In the 1980 my wife and I lived in a house with no plumbing or electricity.  We read by lamp light, listened to Maine Public Radio on a battery radio, and carried our water from a nearby stream.  Our lifestyle was not unusual. 


Because of deep ties to the past, Maine has a rich supernatural history of ghost, goblins and vampires; and since two-thirds of the state is unpopulated there are also many tales of strange animal sightings.  Over the last twenty years there have been accounts of an animal that attacks and kill small pets, including dogs.  Those wishing to add drama to the accounts are claiming the animal is the Chupacabra: the mythical monster of Mexico.


PBS is available for download on smart TV’s and include the series  Monstrum, hosted Dr Emily Zarka.  If you like the macabre this series is worth watching, and Public Broadcasting is always worth supporting.

After all, this is the home of Stephen King

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Thursday, May 6, 2021



It has been ages since I posted a Playing For Change video.   This one features Dr. John.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

BORNFREEV asked, Who is Peggy?


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Along with other oddities of growing old, insomnia seems to be common.    I don’t have any trouble falling asleep, but I wake about four each morning with the monkeys run through my mind dragging random thoughts that seem to keep me awake. 


We view ourselves today as fait accompli, the final, perfect product in the tree of evolution. 


There is some justification for that thinking, since evolutionary differences have resulted from adaptive changes among isolated groups to specific environments: Aboriginal in Australia differ from pigmies in Africa and differ from Nordic populations in northern Europe…


Today, with the ease of world travel people are less isolated resulting in more cross-cultural societies. 


It seems likely to me that the next evolution of humankind will not happen in isolated societies, but as the result of the ease of global travel, we will experience assimilation – moving toward a homogeneous race.


Cultural accommodation has more effect on our actions than logic and biological adaptation, so it will take the dying off of most generations living today to asphyxiate the idea of racial purity. 


In our egocentricity, we view time over the period of our lifespan, but time is a continuum.  As important as we think we are, humankind will evolve over time, just as we always have – unless we bring about our own destruction. 


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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Telephone scams are running ramped again.   I get so man robo calls I don't answer my phone any more unless I recognize the caller.  So far this year I have had three scam calls left on my answering machine.  The first identified as the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) saying my income tax was being audited and that I owed thousands of dollars.   They stated I should call the 'resolution line' (they listed a number) to speak to an IRS representative.   Of course, the IRS never contacts anyone by telephone.  

Over the last three weeks I have had two calls from scammers identifying as Amazon.   Each call said that a purchase of $395.99 had been made against my credit card, and that if I have made the purchase do nothing and I would receive the product.  If I did not make the purchase I was to call the Amazon Hot Line (listing a number) and talk to an Amazon representative.   

These calls, I am sure, originate from Peggy.

I can imagine some seniors panicking and being fished in to give financial or personal information.   If there are people you are concerned about that might be vulnerable to such scams - you should talk to them.

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Thursday, April 22, 2021



My wife is Native American.  She belongs to the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head.  


Native Americans lived in Nature, as a part of Nature – as Nature’s children.   Their customs have always been to celebrate the earth.  


Today is Earth day.   Share in the celebration with "people of the first light"



 Wampanoag (people of the first light)


We should all take time today to marvel at the beauty and connectiveness of Nature. 


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Wednesday, April 21, 2021


The attached link takes you to a NASA web sight published by the Washington Post.   

Perseverance on Mars

We can not only see the surface of Mars, but actually hear sounds of Mars.  A small percentage of the human race drags us into the future.   This has been the formula of all man's accomplishments.  Progress led by a few while the rest of us live out our petty lives from day to day.   

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