Sunday, December 5, 2021




Almost all my life, as far back as I can remember, I had dogs.  As a kid I had two hounds that would hunt rabbits.  As an adult I had German Shepherds.  A shepherd makes a great companion for an outdoors man. Mine would ride in the truck with me, ride in the boat with me, accompany me camping and walking in the woods.  Each, in their turn, was protective of home and family.


Living with dogs is like living with a very young child that adores you.  Dogs, are like people; some are smarter than others.  Shepherds are especially smart.  They are easily taught to sit, to stay and they are naturally protective of the family.   Shepherds make good police dogs, war dogs and cadaver dogs because of their wish to please their humans and they have basic intelligence.   Dogs are trainable, but they don’t problem solve.


We adopted our first cat when I was fifty-three years old.  It was a three-year-old Maine Coon Cat.  We were in Alaska teaching school and had to move into an old one room log cabin that had been vacant for a couple of decades.  The cabin was full of vermin, so on our next trip into Fairbanks we decided to get a cat.   Being a dog person, the cat had to train me.


Cats don’t love you like a dog.   Cats will live with you and they will tolerate you, and if you are good to them they may even like being with you - when they feel like it.   My first cat, Hobby, loved being with me, but on his terms.  There was a constant interaction as to who was alpha.  You don’t tell a can NO; because he will find that a challenge. If you try to correct a cat, he will turn his butt to you as if to say, ‘Fuck you.  Now go fill my food bowl and empty my potty.’   If you are a controlling person, you shouldn’t have a cat – the cat will be miserable and you won’t like the cat - get a dog.


Dogs are trainable; but cats are their own people. Cats can problem solve.  When we moved into our new house last year, we got new food bowls and water bowls for each of our cats.  We kept finding food nuggets floating in the younger, five-year-old, cat’s water bowl.  After watching her for a while I realized, that because of the color of the bowl, she couldn’t see the surface of the water when she wanted to drink, so she would push her food bowl over by her water bowl, pick up a piece or two of food with her paw, drop it in the water where it would float, and then she would drink.    This is problem solving.  Something dogs can’t do.    If you watch a cat that has its own autonomy, they constantly problem solve.


If you are willing to live with a cat and not try to control the cat, they will make a good companion.  But if you are not willing to respect a cat – you should get a dog.

Our old girl - ten years old


The problem solver - What do you mean I shouldn't be on the table?

I can fit in this bowl.

What's the big deal?   The bowl was empty.

Don't pay any attention to her.   She's a brat.

the Ol’Buzzard




Saturday, December 4, 2021




I enjoy cooking.


I have gone through a number of frying pans during my life.  I find the quality stainless pans without a nonstick coating a pain in the ass to clean and foods like eggs more often than not will stick.


The nonstick pans I have used have performed ok for a while, then the nonstick starts to deteriorate – and there is the question of what chemicals are infusing into the food I cook.  These pans are usually some minimal gauge of aluminum and feel cheap.


One year ago I bought a Ballarini Cortina Granitum skillet at the local kitchen shop.    This pan feels substantial.  It has a rubber handle, the coating is ceramic and there is a green heat indicator dot that turns red when the skillet is at cooking temperature.   The skillet holds an even heat and is truly nonstick.    This is absolutely the best skillet I have ever owned. 

They say you can use metal utensils with the pan, but I don’t.  The pan is advertised to be able to cook dry, without any oils or butter; but I still lightly grease the pan before using.   Clean up is just a matter of wiping with a paper towel and rinsing with soapy water. 


It is a pleasure to cook with this pan and I find no shortcomings.


I sponsor no one on this blog; but share my review when I find something I like.


the Ol’Buzzard


Friday, December 3, 2021





The fact is It’s fucking cold outside. 


We had an inch of snow, followed by rain that froze the world here in western Maine.   My steps, the driveway and the road are all glazed ice.   The temps aren’t that bad, only about twenty-eight degrees; but there is a steady 35-40 mile-per-hour wind blowing from the north, keeping the flag next door straight out.


So how cold is it. 




Here is a Wind Chill Chart printed by NOAA.  

If you live anywhere in the north-country you will find it interesting.   However, if you live in the north-country it won’t make any difference: we deal with it.


The Ol’Buzzard




Wednesday, December 1, 2021






A Darwin Award is given to anyone whose actions are so stupid that they remove themselves from the gene pool. 


I hereby nominate everyone who was unvaccinated and died from the Coronavirus for a Darwin Award. 


Sometime in the not-so-distant future people will be able to send encoded messages by writing in cursive.


You know you are in a rut when the best thing that has happened to you this week is the good crap you had this morning.


A priest, a rabbi and a prostitute walked into a bar.

They all caught the corona virus from the unvaccinated bar tender.


I would like to have a Viking like funeral and be torched in the parking lot of a biker bar during a week-end of wild drunken orgy.

But I will probably have to settle for cremation.


the Ol’Buzzard

Tuesday, November 30, 2021



This morning at 6 a.m. I knocked off fifteen-minutes on my Total Gym and then meditated for about five minutes to bring down my respiration rate and heart rate.    Sitting on the incline plane of the gym while meditating I was staring at the white closet door – at the white panels with edges that are perfect right angles.  


Right angles are special in nature, like the Fibonacci numbers.   Plants attempt to grow at right angles to the sky - plants growing upright look right.   There is a stability with right angles that doesn’t exist with things askew; the walls of buildings, the windows, picture frames…   Look around your house: everything is right angles – because they feel right. 


the Ol’Buzzard

Monday, November 29, 2021


Crum your last post Paradise Revisited brought back memories.  I spent my young years in western Kentucky.   The proud coal miners, and the destruction to both men and land by money grubbing coal executives is a real memory.   But it wasn't just then - it still goes on and is still recorded in the music of today.



 the Ol'Buzzard

Sunday, November 28, 2021



Religion has brought us nothing new in two-thousand years.  Just the same old story and a demand of obedience.  The human race is where it is today, because of science.    Religion drove us into the Dark Ages and science brought us out.


Religions have caused more suffering among the human race than any other factor.


Science has brought more comforts and better health, while moving us into a technological future.


Scientist and mathematicians are special people.  They live in a world of logic, while most of us live in a world of emotion.   To most of us, emotion dictates what is true.


In the scientific world theories are rigorously tested by peer review until a theory is held highly likely statistically.   Even then, one failed attempt at reproducing accepted results will invalidate the whole theory, and send it back to critical review.


Neil deGrasse Tyson says that science is true whether or not you believe it. 


Science is neither good or bad.   It all depends on how the human race chooses to apply it.  


In August of 1945 two-hundred-thousand babies, children, women, men and old people were annihilated when nuclear bombs were dropped on two Japanese cities.


Yet today we have nuclear medicine that treats and cures hundreds of thousands of people suffering with cancer and other diseases. 


Sometimes the problem with science is that when something is found possible, even if ethically questionable, some scientist will eventually experiment with it. 


We stand on that precipice now with CRISPEN – the new gene-splicing technique.     In a very short time we will have the ability to design animals, including children… a master race?  Should we consider splicing human genes into our nearest relatives – chimpanzees; perhaps language?  At some point it will be done, and in the name of science discovery. 


Science is our savior, but because we are human it can also be our destruction. 


Science is neither good nor bad.  People are good or bad. 

Religion in irrelevant.

the Ol'Buzzard