Thursday, July 23, 2015


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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


We recently had a new carpet put down in our cabin.   Because of the increased thickness of the new carpet I had to pull three doors and take ½ inch of the bottoms.
Years ago when we moved here I built a set of saw horses and over the years have used them many times.
You can purchase saw horses but these are much more substantial and are made from scrap 2x4’s and a piece of plywood and can be disassembled, transported and stored easily

If you do DIY carpentry projects you will find these saw horses invaluable.

fully assembled 

End pieces slip into the slots on the cross members 

70 degree angle

cross member dissembled

completely disassembled 

hope it is useful
the Ol'Buzzard


My wife with her constant companion Rag Doll

We lost our 18 year old Rag Doll cat in January of 2014.   We felt that it would be quite a while before we would we would want another cat – you can’t replace one that has lived with you for half your married life.   Then in November, on a whim, we checked out Maine Coon Cats within the state – found a woman who had kittens, contacted her, and the next thing we knew we were picking up a kitten and her older sister. 

Toula at 11 months

Our kitten Toula will turn one year old at the end of this month and Bella, her older sister, will turn six this November.

Sweet Bella

The older girl is very laid back and unbelievably patient of the kitten.   The kitten, however, is like a kid in the terrible twos – unbounded energy and into everything.


Toula's favorite place to sleep

Patient Bella

Maine Coons are known as the dogs of the cat world.  They follow you around, seek your attention, nothing particularly bothers them and they are big and friendly. 

It is absolutely gratifying to be cat people again.   Cats are the original Zen masters and being around them imparts peace, acceptance and contentment.   They constantly teach you if you pay attention. 

the Ol’Buzzard

Thursday, July 16, 2015


My wife had a neckless that she almost never wore and decided she would sell it to a local jeweler.   She received so much less than the actual price she paid we decided to do research.    A small jeweler’s weight scale on eBay cost less than ten dollars and there are web sites that give current metal prices.

Did you ever wonder how much your jewelry was worth, or a silver coin or other piece of precious metal?  

If you go to one of those ‘we buy gold and silver’ jip joints you will definitely be getting screwed, and without even a kiss.

The sights below will give you the current price of gold and silver on the market so if you ever decide to sell a piece of precious metal you can be knowledgeable of the actual value.

Just thought you might be interested.

the Ol’Buzzard

Saturday, July 11, 2015


Like one of those songs you can’t get out of your mind, I went to sleep last night and woke up this morning thinking about Trump World. 

From the diary of the Ol’Buzzard, July, 2018.

In 2015 there were seventeen Republican candidates and six Democratic candidates running for President; but, by the election of 2016 there was only Donald Trump.

It all came to pass when a spacecraft from the planet Kolob, so large it blocked out the sun, hovered over Washington D.C.  

At that time all the faithful Mormon and Scientologist levitated from the Earth, in what Revelation reveals as the Rapture, to space ships to transport them to the Celestial Kingdom in the constellation Cancer, sector 2813, to dwell forever as minions of the ruler Xenu.

The Glorious and Magnificent The Donald (more glorious and magnificent than the most glorious and magnificent anything that ever prior existed,) assisted by The Apostle Tom Cruise OT-6 was left on earth to rule the undeserving.
Though the Apostle Cruise is liberated he is undeserving to look upon the radiant face of The Most Radiant The Donald (more radiant by ten than anything the most radiant that ever existed on earth.)  

Instead he must prostate himself in The Splendid  The Donald’s presence (more splendid than…) and lick the toe jam from between his toes, to carry it in his mouth like a woman not wishing to swallow a blow job, until he can spit it out and dry it to become The Most Precious Relic (more precious than any relic that ever existed by ten,) to be displayed in the Vatican for the adoration of the masses.

At the same time the Anti-Trump (known in Revelations as the anti-Christ) Rachel Maddow was made to become Tom Cruise’s thirteenth wife – to study under him until she can achieve OT-1.

Actually The Great Donald has existed over the centuries.   There are the Trump pyramids in Egypt, the Trump Coliseums in Rome; and the Grand Apocalypse could have taken place two thousand years ago but the Jews refused to wear the underwear.   

I would like to recite to you more history of Doctor Generalissimo President The Donald (ten times greater than any general or president that ever existed – also he was reborn on Kolob but to an American mother and Xenu so he is a citizen and can be President - and his mother was not an orangutan) but I am now required to prostate myself and give praise while counting the ten beads on my Trumpifix and reciting “one times greater, two times greater, three times greater, four times greater, five times greater, six times greater, seven times greater, eight time greater, nine times greater, ten times greater, until I reach the icon of The Donald, arms spread and hair extending like gossamer wings from his head, standing like a giant (ten times gianter than…) in front of the Trump Towers.   

Perhaps I have too much time on my hands
the Ol’Buzzard

Friday, July 10, 2015


Woke up at 2 a.m., nose plugged up, breathing through my mouth, headache – got up and peed.   Back in bed and couldn’t sleep, headache worse. 3 a.m. got up and took a BC powder and sat in the living room waiting for relief.  The cats came and joined me for about fifteen minutes and then got bored and found places to go back to sleep.  
This is the time your mind runs – the house is quiet – the world is quiet – you are alone in the world with your thoughts.
Such as:

When is the last time you used algebra?  You might as well ask when is the time you last turned on your computer, watched television and used your remote, started your car or used a GPS.

Science deniers are idiots.

Space probes and even your GPS are accurate because they use formulas to adjust for Einstein’s theory of the curvature of space time.

GPS are marvelous when you think about it.  My Tom Tom is about the size of half a slice of bread and contains directions to every house on any street in the US and Canada.

Religion is the Typhoid Mary of the hate and dissention.  

Everyone is excited about the Pope coming up with liberal 21st century ideals; not because what he is saying is anything new or radical by today’s standards; but because the Catholic Church has not moved far past fifth century ideas in over the last 1500 years.  It took them to the beginning of the 20th century to admit the world was not the center of the universe.   They still hold exorcisms and practice cannibalism in communion.

Earth is a great place but people fuck it up.  Everything wrong with this world is the results of human kind existence.   Name one thing that is wrong that doesn’t have human origin.

It is 4:28 and I have firewood being delivered at 8:00 so will try to get a couple of hours sleep.   The birds are squawking outside so the sun must be coming up – damn that Larry bird. 

The Ol’Buzzard 

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Being an educator I have always said that if you want to know what goes on in schools ask a teacher.   In the same light if you want to know what is going on in Russia and the pressing dangers in that part of the world you should hear from someone who lives there and views the situation first hand.

The BLOG FODDER is a Canadian married to a Ukrainian and living in the Ukraine.  He views the situation there from first hand experience, but with a separation that allows a unique perspective.

His recent post should be a must read.   While we here in the U.S. are focused with tunnel vision on the Middle East, Russia is reverting to its old Communist roots.  As a reminder, we should remember that Russia is still in possession of the second largest nuclear stockpile of weapons in the world. 

And while we celebrate our holidays with flags and barbecues and floats of Minions and Spiderman, Russia is parading tanks, missile launchers, armored vehicles and military troop formations. 

Perhaps our focus is in the wrong part of the world.

(click above link )

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Over the Fourth of July holiday someone who outpaced his cognitive ability removed himself from the gene pool.  

In a moment of absolute showmanship the young man strapped a fireworks mortar tube to his head and lit it off – he died instantly. 

It probably is not appropriate to sight that he went out in a bang.   

My gut reaction is- that there but for the grace of dumb luck – at some point I didn’t make the cut. 

the Ol’Buzzard

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Let’s face it the Fourth of July is a three day holiday and nothing more.   Most of the people only have a vague idea what the holiday is about and nobody cares. 


It is a time to cook and eat outdoors, get drunk and watch fireworks.   The theme is red, white and blue and the flag, which gives color to the party atmosphere.  

Half the people don’t know that July 4 is Independence Day.   Their knowledge of the American Revolution consist of something about taxes, throwing tea in the harbor and beating the British – Sarah Palin thinks it is when we told the British we had the right to own guns. 

History from the brain of Sarah Palin

So as not to appear so ignorant we should quit the bullshit and quit naming holidays: just call them days off from work, or spring, summer, fall and winter breaks, or a reason to party - which is what the Fourth of July is. 

Have a happy summer break.

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At last, something worth seeing at the movies:

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