Thursday, July 16, 2015


My wife had a neckless that she almost never wore and decided she would sell it to a local jeweler.   She received so much less than the actual price she paid we decided to do research.    A small jeweler’s weight scale on eBay cost less than ten dollars and there are web sites that give current metal prices.

Did you ever wonder how much your jewelry was worth, or a silver coin or other piece of precious metal?  

If you go to one of those ‘we buy gold and silver’ jip joints you will definitely be getting screwed, and without even a kiss.

The sights below will give you the current price of gold and silver on the market so if you ever decide to sell a piece of precious metal you can be knowledgeable of the actual value.

Just thought you might be interested.

the Ol’Buzzard


  1. What?? They don't even buy you dinner and a show besides the no kiss deal? Oh hell NO!

  2. In Turkey, gold jewelry is a serious status symbol and people buy a great deal of it. Many of the pieces are quite lovely, hand crafted and all that. The jewelers will buy back pieces for 60% of retail, usually in trade for new. (I mean, Heaven's I can't wear that the Sultan's ball. I wore it last year) 40% is their margin for crafting a new piece and their profit.

  3. Now is definitely the time to scarf up some gold and silver if you got some spare cash. It is better that Federal Reserve Notes! It will always have worth or value, can you say the same for the dollar?


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