Tuesday, November 30, 2021



This morning at 6 a.m. I knocked off fifteen-minutes on my Total Gym and then meditated for about five minutes to bring down my respiration rate and heart rate.    Sitting on the incline plane of the gym while meditating I was staring at the white closet door – at the white panels with edges that are perfect right angles.  


Right angles are special in nature, like the Fibonacci numbers.   Plants attempt to grow at right angles to the sky - plants growing upright look right.   There is a stability with right angles that doesn’t exist with things askew; the walls of buildings, the windows, picture frames…   Look around your house: everything is right angles – because they feel right. 


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Monday, November 29, 2021


Crum your last post Paradise Revisited brought back memories.  I spent my young years in western Kentucky.   The proud coal miners, and the destruction to both men and land by money grubbing coal executives is a real memory.   But it wasn't just then - it still goes on and is still recorded in the music of today.



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Sunday, November 28, 2021



Religion has brought us nothing new in two-thousand years.  Just the same old story and a demand of obedience.  The human race is where it is today, because of science.    Religion drove us into the Dark Ages and science brought us out.


Religions have caused more suffering among the human race than any other factor.


Science has brought more comforts and better health, while moving us into a technological future.


Scientist and mathematicians are special people.  They live in a world of logic, while most of us live in a world of emotion.   To most of us, emotion dictates what is true.


In the scientific world theories are rigorously tested by peer review until a theory is held highly likely statistically.   Even then, one failed attempt at reproducing accepted results will invalidate the whole theory, and send it back to critical review.


Neil deGrasse Tyson says that science is true whether or not you believe it. 


Science is neither good or bad.   It all depends on how the human race chooses to apply it.  


In August of 1945 two-hundred-thousand babies, children, women, men and old people were annihilated when nuclear bombs were dropped on two Japanese cities.


Yet today we have nuclear medicine that treats and cures hundreds of thousands of people suffering with cancer and other diseases. 


Sometimes the problem with science is that when something is found possible, even if ethically questionable, some scientist will eventually experiment with it. 


We stand on that precipice now with CRISPEN – the new gene-splicing technique.     In a very short time we will have the ability to design animals, including children… a master race?  Should we consider splicing human genes into our nearest relatives – chimpanzees; perhaps language?  At some point it will be done, and in the name of science discovery. 


Science is our savior, but because we are human it can also be our destruction. 


Science is neither good nor bad.  People are good or bad. 

Religion in irrelevant.

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Saturday, November 27, 2021



Debra this one is for you


Farley Mowat wrote three books on Vikings in North America.

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Friday, November 19, 2021




This week we had our first snow here in the western Maine mountains.   Winter time is the time for soup. 

 If you are new to soup making, the one, and best book to guide you making wonderful soups is the old 1985 Sunset, supermarket sold, Homemade Soups.  This book is available used for under $5.00 on the internet.    If I had only one soup book this would be the one I would choose.


Another book that is interesting is Twelve Months of Monastery Soups by Brother Victor-Antoine d’ Avila-Latourrette.     If this book does anything, it teaches you that just about anything you can throw together in a broth can be called soup.



Let me cover the basis of soup making.   Most soups start with the Trinity: diced onions, sliced celery and thinly sliced carrots sautéed in olive oil.   I always start with the Trinity-plus-One: a clove of minced garlic added the last two minutes of sauté.


Just before adding the broth, I add either a tablespoon of dried thyme or marjoram or parsley to the sauté.


Nest comes the broth.   I always us McKays instant beef or chicken stock and seasoning. 



Finally I add any left overs in the refrigerator, and if I choose, either pasta, potatoes or can beans; and usually a large can of diced tomatoes.


That’s soup.


The one I made last week was:

Trinity-plus-One (two stalks of celery, two carrots and one diced onion)

Leftover Kentucky sliced smoked ham diced

1 tbsp. thyme

4 cups chicken stock

1 large can of diced tomatoes

1 can of garbanzo beans (rinsed.)


Brought it up to temperature for ten minutes and it was delicious. 


If you like more liquid add more stock or tomatoes.  If you add potatoes or pasta you will have to heat it until they are tender.  I often use canned beans in place of pasta or potatoes to cut down the cooking time and the starch.


Another favorite is Mushroom Soup

Sauté onions and mushrooms until tender  

Add a tablespoon of dried parsley.  

Add 4 cups of chicken stock

Bring to a boil for a few minutes 

Add one cup of sour cream and process with a hand-blender until smooth.



My wife makes a cauliflower soup

Cauliflower buds cut in half

4 cups of chicken stock

1 block of firm tofu cubed

A sprinkle of red pepper flakes

Blend with a hand blender until smooth.


Any time can be soup time.   Quick to make and great with hardy bread.


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Thursday, November 18, 2021


 There is nothing I can say that can explain the crazy - you just have to watch it.

And remember, these people are Republicans; and members of this insane group serve as Republican members of Congress.

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Monday, November 15, 2021




It is like finding out that fairies don’t exist.


I understand a gender homogenous society; but there is a trade-off, and I guess this is it.



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and twenty-four to seventy-to hours?   What about soap and water?


Saturday, November 13, 2021


I read the Washington Post on-line this morning, and then the Portland Press Herald (Maine paper) and there is no good news.

What kind of times do we live in, that we must constantly walk around in a depressing world that seems to have gone mad?

Even cat memes are depressing.

I'm fucking sick or it.  What ever happened to uplifting, positive news that makes you feel good? 

Don't you give me no more bad news

Politics is dysfunctional, climate change is real, Trump will run again and could win, we are moving toward 800,000 deaths from corona virus, inflation is rising...

I like not this news.

Bring me good news!

Even the good news is just less bad.

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Friday, November 12, 2021




I hate being told, ‘Thank you for your service.

58,479 Americans died in the Vietnam war - and that is the official count.   It doesn’t include the brothers that later died from Agent Orange exposure, suicide, related injuries – not to mention the maimed and mentally injured.

One 18-year-old young man I knew took five rounds in his stomach.  He was engaged to be married to a young girl before deployment, but in the hospital he was told he would have to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of his life.  He cried constantly.  I don’t know what happened to him.


Another friend I use to ride with in Florida we called Choo-Choo.  He had been shot when his group was overrun by VC.  He played dead while they searched him.  The next day he was recovered and placed on the skirt of a tank to be taken back to base area.   He fell off the tank and it was another day before he was discovered and taken to the field hospital.   Sometimes when we were out drinking together Choo-Choo’s eyes would roll up in his head, he would fall on the floor drooling and make a noise: choo choo choo…   I always believed he was hearing the tank treads in his head. 


What did we accomplish in Vietnam?  We left North Vietnam the most advanced armed country with American military weapons in South East Asia…. and we built a wall in Washington D.C.


Fuck war

Fuck celebrating war

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Thursday, November 11, 2021





I was substituting for a Physics teacher on three months maternity leave in a small town in Kentucky when a female parent stormed into my classroom in front of my students, got in my face saying I was not grading properly, that her daughter got straight A’s from the regular teacher.


I explained to her that her daughter was disruptive, impertinent and not meeting my standard for an A.


The woman belligerently said; I’m a parent so don’t tell me what my daughter is capable of.


My answer back was: I have a Bachelor of Science and a Masters degree and have had to pass extensive state test and standards in order to certify as a teacher, the only qualification for being a parent is the ability to breed, so get out of my face.


She stormed out to the principal.


Being retired, I did not need to substitute.  I was likely the only available substitute capable of teaching Physics.  The principal suggested I be more diplomatic with parents, and I suggested he keep irate parents out of my classroom.


The problem with education is that it is overseen and controlled by non-educators: parents, school board members and politicians who are held to no standard of education, have passed no test for competency, and have never spent one hour in a classroom other that as a student.


Two conservative school board members in Virginia just demanded that books they deemed inappropriate not only be removed from the school library but be burned.   Rabih Abuismail said that allowing one particular book to remain on the shelves even briefly meant the school, “would rather have our kids reading gay pornography than about Crist.” and “I think we should throw those books in a fire.”   Kirk Twigg said he wanted to “see the books before we burn them so we can identify within our community that we are eradication this bad stuff.”


If we are going to have non-educators determining what is taught in the classrooms and how it is taught, then they should have to meet the same educational requirements as the teachers, including passing the state teachers examination.  


Educational standards and curriculum should be determined by people trained in education.  


We wouldn’t want Joe Blow the truck driver or Dear Jane the bank teller determining diagnostic procedures of your family doctor and what he/she is able to prescribe, or what procedures will be used in the Operating Room of your hospital; but it is all right for them to determine what is taught in school and how it is taught. 




 And it is not just about science.  We should teach history, literature, science, math and social studies in a way that challenges the student to think - to reason - to expand.  Not to limit a child's education in order to raise political or religious acceptable clones.   

the Ol'Buzzard

Thursday, November 4, 2021




Coming out of sleep I lie in bed

The fan blowing a gentle breeze across my body

I kick off the covers and stretch

I clear my mind from monkey dreams

And listen to the quietness of the house

I have been a Buddhist practitioner since the late 1970’s when I first read The Three Pillars of ZEN by Roshi Philip Kapleau. 


Since that that time I have read and studied numerous books by numerous authors on Buddhism, and particularly Zen.     I have also attended a Zen Sangha and practiced with a Buddhist community; but I find this type of practice unrewarding and particularly contrary to my needs and my feelings of what Buddhism is about. 


To me, formal Buddhist training is elitist and probably drives away many westerners who might otherwise benefit and desire to live the Buddhist experience without the commitment to a ritualistic practice of religious nature.


My Buddhist practice in No Bullshit Buddhism.    To me, Buddhism, and particularly Zen, should be practiced at its most basic level.   The practice need not be about teachers, or koans; not about robes, bells, icons or timed meditation.

After hours of meditation the Buddha found enlightenment (or realization) when he saw a beautiful young girl, was refreshed by cool water and tasted a bowl of rice.    It is that simple.  The Buddha realized that contentment can come from stopping our search and simply focusing on beautiful and satisfying things around us at the present moment.

The Buddha achieved enlightenment without teachers and community or adopting someone else’s ideas and values.   The Buddha is important only for sharing his realization that to truly live we must be conscious of the moment.    We each have a Buddha nature and by starting from Buddha’s enlightenment we each have the ability to seek our own way.   And there is no One Way.


 In my No Bullshit Buddhism the role of meditation is not to stress myself in a painful meditation marathon.  I do not believe that the Buddha was awaken because he spent hours in painful meditation; he was awakened because he became suddenly aware of the beauty of the moment.    However, meditation is a necessary practice to discipline our mind to more fully appreciate the NOW.

Many Zen writers and teachers say that you should not seek an outcome in the practice of zazen (meditation.)      This flies in the face of western thinking and calls for that leap of faith that I refuse to make.


 In my No Bullshit Zen I find a quiet, comfortable and familiar location.   I seat myself on a zafu; but a pillow, bench or chair would do – comfort being the object.  I place my right hand in my left, touching my thumbs, bringing both the right and left sides of my brain into equilibrium.    Some texts recommend counting your breaths, but I prefer to gradually slow my breathing while visualizing the air entering my nose and filling my lungs then exiting.  The object is to empty my mind of all thoughts.   If my mind wanders, I bring it back to empty.  I sit until it becomes uncomfortable; then come back to the present calmly and gradually.   As I have practice over time the length of my meditation has naturally increase.  


Meditation can lower your blood pressure; it can calm you in stressful situations; and eventually it will allow you to conquer your monkey mind and enable you to more completely focus on the NOW without distracting thoughts.   These are the goals of my zazen practice.


In the Shambhala Sun article Essential Teachings of Thich Nhat Han - Beyond Words, he states, “Zen doesn’t travel along a path of learning through writing and words; it relies on direct transmission between teacher and student.”

This may be cutting off the head of the Buddha, but I could not object more.  I read and enjoy many Buddhist books and periodicals and therefore have an insight from numerous different perspectives; but I take nothing on faith and follow no one else’s path.  A teaching or account must make sense to me before I adopt it. 

At the most basic, The Four Noble Truths attempts to explain the cause of our discontent and the Eightfold Path offers a guide to live by.

There are as many paths to living with Buddhist values as there are peopled.   I prefer No Bullshit Buddhism because:

·       I do not feel the Buddha intended his teachings to come at a price.

·       I do not feel the Buddha intended the path of the Buddhist way to be difficult.

·       I do not feel the Buddha intended teachers and Sangha to set themselves as the only path to enlightenment.

·       I do not feel the Buddha intended enlightenment to be sought; but for contentment to be lived.

I have never felt more alive that the moment I released my grip on the wing strut and stepped off the wheel of a small airplane becoming unattached to the earth; or in the stern of a canoe rocketing down a mile of rapids on the Allagash River in Maine; or during the erotic throws of a sexual encounter with a partner responding with abandonment.   These moments far outweigh the experience of the almost zombie state of walking meditation.


In our mundane times we should not fail to stop and smell the roses and contemplate the beauty of the time and place; but life experience and reward goes far beyond that.


It is my belief, with the exception of monastic training, that the Buddha intended his teachings be simple, to help everyday people in everyday life to understand that hardship, reward, elation, monotony and finally death is a natural part of our existence; and that by living consciously in every moment we live this short life more fully. 


I am into my eighties, and at this point in my life impermanence is real.   All people in their younger days understand that someday they will die, that time will erode the mountains and that at some point in the future the sun will turn into a red dwarf and the oceans will evaporate; and even perhaps in the far distant future the expansion of the universe will slow, stop and finally reverse shrinking into a massive black hole where time and space do not exist; but the realization of impermanence does not actually register until we are faced with the experience in our immediate future.

Introspection helps me accept that death is the final obligation I owe to nature; but in the meantime, life is to be lived fully by being unrestrained by concepts and being conscious in the NOW.


For what it is worth, this is my No Bullshit Buddhism. 

I retired from the military; graduated from the University of Maine and the University of Alaska; my wife and I taught school for eleven years in the remote Indigenous People’s villages of Alaska.    I am now retired and live in a mobile home in a mobile home park in north-western Maine.  I still experience the winter snows and the summer heat; and listen to the wind, natures voice, as she reminds me how unimportant I am.


   the Ol'Buzzard

Tuesday, November 2, 2021



He lies


It turns out the liberal media has been mind-fucking you.  They are telling you to get the virus shot because they know real men won’t be told what to do.   They actually don’t want you to get vaccinated because of the positive side effects that Democrats want to keep hidden for themselves.


It has finally been proven by Fox scientist that by the second shot your dick grows a minimum of three inches longer and two inches around.  


When you are out hunting with your buddies you won’t have to hide it when you take that bad boy out to piss.  And when that little soldier stands at attention the women will swoon.


So women, if you are married to needle-dick-the-bug-fucker, tell him to get his ass down to Walmart and get the shot.  There will finally be something about him you can brag to your girlfriends.


And it is not just men.  The second shot also shrinks up the skin on women.  It will make you look like you are wearing a spanx.  You’ll have a tight ass and your tits will look like an eighteen-year old’s.     When you walk through Walmart with your butt crack showing you will have a line of men following you through the aisles.    And if you run into Donald Trump, he will definitely want to grab your pussy - and you can let him.  


But don’t go to your doctor for the shot, because he is part of the liberal conspiracy and will give you just water.   Put on your MAGA hat and go to Walmart and tell them you want the FREEDOM SHOTS.  They will know what to give you. 


If you feel less manly that you weren’t there to storm the Capital for Donald Trump on January 6; you can make up for it by getting the shots.   The Trump army needs real men, so get the shots.


You can trust the Ol’Buzzard

He lives in a trailer park.

Monday, November 1, 2021



If mask do one other thing besides protecting you from the Coronavirus, they reminds you to brush your teeth - and possibly gargle - before leaving the house.  

I left the house early this morning for a doctor's appointment and once masked was reminded that I hadn't brushed before leaving the house.   I drastically needed a mint in the dumpster.

I think that masking has made everyone more oral hygiene conscious.   

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