Wednesday, November 30, 2016


We got a snow last night.  Not much.  Just enough that I can see deer tracks in the driveway this morning. 

I haven’t watched the news on TV since Trump was elected – and I find I don’t miss the aggravation.    I do read the major paper in the state, The Portland Press Herald, and the local on-line newspaper.   I occasionally scan the news app on Windows 10.  At my age, I don’t want to download the bad karma that twenty-four-hour that TV news rants produce. 

My wife and I are now in our winter comfort mode.  My fire wood in in, all maintenance projects completed, the freezer is full, no major obligations in the near future; so it is time to kick back and enjoy the Maine winter and each other.

I recently bought a vacuum food sealer and it has changed the way we shop.   Prior, we would shop for no more than a week.   When we bought meat too far in advance it was always freezer burned by the time we were ready to use it.  

A nice piece of salmon vacuum sealed and ready for the freezer

Now every time we go shopping we buy two or three pieces of meat over and above our need, and vacuum seal them.  As it happens, we have stocked our freezer ahead for a couple of months without putting out a large lump-sum of money – and more importantly the meat seems fresh when we are ready to use it. 

We paid less than $50 for the Vacuum sealer and we buy 100 foot rolls of bags for around $25 on e-bay.

We have all our holiday shopping for each other done.  We celebrate the first five days of winter, exchanging a gift each day beginning on the winter solstice.

I love the fall – but for me, the winter is my favorite time of year. 

A Wednesday Morning Ramble
the Ol'Buzzard


  1. Getting the wood in was always a good feeling! I hope the plastic bags work out over the year.

  2. How long are you able to keep meat without the freezer burns with the vacuum sealer? I would like to know. I am thinking of getting one of those doohickeys. I'm tired of throwing out freezer burned meat and veggies and I would love to shop for the whole month and not worry. Can you give me some feed back on that?

    1. I have had this for over a month and my frozen foods look as fresh as when I purchased them - and they taste fine. Time will tell. I don't intend to buy ahead over a couple of month.

  3. So vacuum sealing really does prevent freezer burn, eh? I can't stand freezer burn and my taste buds are so sensitive I can detect the slightest hint of it. It's why I don't tend to freeze a lot of food or keep it for any length of time.

  4. I want to get a vacuum sealer too..those freezer bags suck.

  5. Those vacuum sealers are a great rig. Enjoy your winter hibernation.


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