Friday, October 28, 2016


Casey was not afraid of ghost.  But, every night when she walked home she had to pass the City Cemetery and the thought of all those hundreds of putrefying bodies buried just a few feet away creeped her out.

Can a child die from fright, from his own…imagination?
‘Johnny, there is no monster under the bed.  I just looked.’
‘Yes, but Dad, he isn’t there until you leave!’

Molly is blind.   Her parents don’t believe her when she says that for the past two nights there has been tapping at her window and a voice whispers ‘Please let me in.’    Her mom says it is just wind and rain; but Molly doesn’t think so.   Tonight she will leave the window open.

How hungry do you have to be to eat the flesh of another human being?  Some might call it cannibalism, but I call it survival.

I knew grandma was dead when I opened the front door, but I still called her name as I climbed the stairs.  Outside her bedroom door I hesitated; I put my hand on the knob, but couldn’t turn it: that smell

Three days till Halloween
the Ol'Buzzard

use it you want.  You are welcome.O'B


  1. And don't forget the toilet monster. Always drop the lid when not in use.

    1. Damn, I forgot the toilet monster. How about Pennywise in the sink drain?

  2. The living frighten me more than the dead.


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