Saturday, October 22, 2016


I feel sorry for the people in the deep south and south west where every day is the same – different strokes for different folks, I guess.  Here in the north-east the seasons move through changes – and these changes remind us that nature is still in charge.

The fall colors this year were gorgeous; but over the last two weeks the bright reds have gone and the world has moved to orange and brown, but still beautiful.  


Rain finally moved into the northeast last night dropping about two inches.  The prediction for today is continued rain with winds beginning this evening gusting to forty knots.  By tomorrow most of the color will be gone, and the stark transition to winter begins.

The frost is on the pumpkin and some snow is predicted for higher elevations – first of the year. 

I still have maintenance work to do before the temperature drops: winterize the well house, PM the snowblower and split and stack a cord of firewood (will be made easier with my new wood splitter.)    Then it is settle down with wood fires and reading and cats in my lap and making love to my wife – not a bad time of life – not a bad time of year.

The Ol’Buzzard


  1. Still some leaves on the trees here, but not many. Even the tamaracks are dropping needles now and they're always the last to go bare. We've had heavy frost the past few nights, and possible light snow is in the forecast. As I type, the deer are back in the yard hoping to find apples they may have missed yesterday. There's a doe with twin fawns; they've been doing a pretty good job of vacuuming up the windfalls.

  2. Love the pictures. Are those birds wild turkeys? First I have ever seen.


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