Tuesday, October 18, 2016


My wife and I began drinking Parmalat milk back in 1985 when we first started teaching in a remote Athabaskan Indian village in the Alaska bush, and it has been our milk every since.  

I have always been a milk drinker and we have cereal most every morning.   Parmalat taste like milk because it is milk.   We drink 2%, but in the whole milk product I have often found cream at the top. 

Parmalat is real milk; not reconstituted or powdered or some fake milk product.  The advantage of the Parmalat is that it keeps without refrigeration until it is opened.   We buy six or eight quarts and keep it in the cupboard until we need it, then shift it to the refrigerator.   Since it is just the two of us, if we bought fresh milk by the gallon it would probably go bad before we could use it all, and if we were buying by the quart we would have to make constant trips into the supermarket. 

Besides the convenience of not having to shop regular for milk, Parmalat is also great to take on trips, camping, or anyplace refrigeration is not available.

Parmalat comes in 1%, 2%, whole milk and chocolate.  Parmalat is available at our supermarket in the baking isle and at Walmart in the baking isle.   

I have no connection with Parmalat other than I buy it and drink it.   Just thought I would post about it because it is a quality and convenient product that we used.   If you are a milk drinker you might want to try it - compare it to your fresh milk.   It has the Ol'Buzzard stamp of approval.

the Ol'Buzzard



  1. Until a couple of years ago I was not even aware of milk on the shelf like that.
    Not that it matters as milk does not agree with me any longer. I guess I don't have the milk gene...

  2. I've never heard of Parmalat milk. I can definitely see its advantages.

  3. milk is only fit to be used in cereal..other than that? nah

  4. I also love milk, and Parmalat is a great brand.


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