Tuesday, October 18, 2016


I just purchased a six ton log splitter from Home Depot and it is due to be delivered Thursday.    

I have over a cord of cut wood in my back yard that needs splitting and I am getting too old to heft a maul and ax for hours on end.  I have a couple or three more cord I can clear off the wooded land next to my house.  

The splitter cost $280, and a cord of fire wood split and delivered would cost over $200 dollars, so I will easily make back my output within a year.  And I have a new toy to play with.

It is suppose to rain on Friday; but stand by Saturday
the Ol'Buzzard


  1. About a week ago I was watching two older gentlemen take apart a huge chunk of wood with one. Neat!

  2. That is so cool! We rented one from a local co-op two years ago and cut so much wood, I don't think we'll need to rent another for another two years. It sure beats splitting it by hand!

  3. Have fun! Boys do love their toys! (of course, girls do too, but perhaps different toys)

  4. good for you..have fun with your new toy.

  5. I have a feeling you're about to become a very popular man in the neighborhood.

  6. I have a 27 ton one that works either horizontally or vertically for the ones too heavy and big to lift onto the splitter. I've used it for a couple years now and am very happy with it. Got my woodshed full and won't be here to burn it. We are planning on being snowbirds this winter.

    1. My splitter is gas powered.

      I notice the video starts off splitting a piece that is relatively easy, putting the wedge in the crotch where it is easy to split.

  7. I've had my DR electric splitter for 10yrs...I love it!No gas to mess with no noise..The on-off switch broke after 8 yrs..and that's all..
    Somehow I got too old to split wood the other way...


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