Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Did you ever wonder the specific cause for the new ocean weather patterns?

Between 1985 and 2007 I have personally witnessed the melting of glacier ice and the recession of the glaciers in Alaska.

Adding salt to water when you cook changes the boiling point (and freezing temperature) of the water.      Taking salt from water also changes the temperature parameters of water. 

As the polar ice caps melt the oceans are cooling, but also salt water is being diluted, which changes the way water behaves.   The result is that ocean currents that have existed for centuries are changing course and bringing a permanent change to weather patterns.

We did it – we will have to get use to it.

The Ol’Buzzard


  1. The ocean is the Mother of all Life and we are merrily killing Her.

  2. "Normal" is 100,000 to 200,000 years of ice age followed by 10,000 of interglacial period. Well "normal" for the last few million years. Most of the glaciers receded 10,000 years ago so this visibly changing climate of today is not unusual in the Earth's history.

    FWIW we are still recovering to the temps we lost in the Little ice Age (1300-1870), but that's history too.

  3. Whether or not it's normal, as Rob claims, or if we humans have managed to accelerate or intensify an existing pattern is a tad irrelevant. Saying it's normal kind of ignores the real question: what do we do now to adjust? Way too many people are taking the -- and I was tempted to be polite, but fuck it -- moron's way out by claiming odd weather is "normal" and continuing to buy beachfront property or assuming there's always going to be California lettuce at the local Safeway. I look around at our current weather -- a high yesterday of 78, no frost yet and it's October 4 -- and the only thing I can think is, oh crap, we're truly fucked and we've done it to ourselves. There wouldn't be over 400 ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere now if only purely natural forces had been at work.

    1. Mankind has expanded a lot in the last six thousand years, if the earth cycles continue as they have it's going to get really unpleasant for all of us. No doubt about that!
      The best I can think of for today is the hope that man has changed the cycles, everybody eats better with longer growing seasons.
      I do not think man has the ability to change the earth cycles that have been in place since the Himalayan mountains were formed. We can kill our race off but the earth will continue doing what it does.

      What is needed is finding a way to keep the human race alive during the change to an ice age. Sadly all our energy is being spent making money to stop the warming that's been going on since the Little ice age ended.
      But some of us are making lot's of money!

    2. everybody eats better with longer growing seasons Not everyone will eat better, some areas will have longer and more severe droughts and you can't grow much in a drought. Some plants don't like hotter longer summers, how far into Canada will we have to go to grow those plants??

    3. Mankind has expanded a lot in the last six thousand years
      That may be the problem, mankind has been around for many, many more thousands than 6!!

  4. I won't be around to see the worst of it.
    The future is beginning to look like a bad Sci-Fi B flick. The people only listen to the scientist after the monster has ruined the city, and then try a last ditch effort to save the world. People roaming the globe in hand to hand combat trying to secure the last sip of water.
    The selfishness is astounding! The stupidity, deadly. How can people believe we can throw our garbage into the air and water for centuries, and not have a negative effect on the planet? They not only do not understand science, they have no logic.

  5. JACKIESUE said it best. At least we are old and out time is limited. I feel bad for the young and those yet to come.

  6. Nan has it right. What are we going to do to adjust? The climate is changing and we better change with it or they will be digging our bones out of the tar pits in a million years


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