Thursday, October 6, 2016


 Maine has always been a wilderness state, and back in the 1960’s most Maine men owned guns: deer rifles and shotguns for hunting.
There was no killings epidemic going on back in those earlier days.   There were no military assault weapons, the country was not flooded with handguns and there was no open or concealed carry for the average person.   Occasionally a man might be shot by his brother-in-law while out deer hunting, and later you find out he beat his wife - and there would be suspicions.   That was pretty much it for gun violence.
It is not just about the availability of guns.   Today there is also a kill mentality, a kill mania that goes along with the purchase of military style assault weapon and hand gun.

Most of the people that buy guns today are not hunters; they are buying a gun with the specific intent to be able to kill other human beings.    Many of these people live in a mindset where they fantasize a situation where they could use their weapon on another person, believing it would make them appear macho.
So how could we control this gun mania without confiscating guns?

Back in the sixties, in most New England states, you could not transport a gun unless you had a valid hunting license and there was an open hunting season.  If you wished to transport a pistol or rifle to a firing range, you had to drop by the police station and pick up a transport chit for that specific activity.   There was no open carry and you could not get a concealed carry license without a specific need.    You did not have to register you guns and you could have as many as you wanted in your home; you just could not carry or transport them in public without a reason. 

An assault weapon band sounds logical, but there are already too many assault weapons in circulation; and gun confiscation is not an option.   What we need is a federal law limiting the carry and transportation of firearms.   It would not be popular but it would solve the problem.

Why do these men need to carry their weapons in public?   They don't.

Kids dying in elementary school is a step too far.   We need serious federal gun control on the transportation and carry of firearms.

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  1. Wow... Our forefathers stood up with the firearms from their closet or the one that hung over the fireplace and faced the legal government that had come to seize those weapons. FWIW the citizens had the same weapons as the government.

    The 2nd amendment to the Constitution (right after the 1st, freedom of religion, speech, assembly and the press) was there to make sure the people had the means to resist the government the next time it needed to be done.

    School shooting and the other nuts stuff are done by people taking the drugs the medical industry peddles in prime with full minute color ads for diseases that were not there 40 years ago,

    There is (still) room for us all to think different things.

  2. Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming,Nevada,Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas have wild pigs, rattlesnakes, bears,wolves and coyotes. The swamps have gators. I'm just saying.......Open carry may be abused by some but it is a necessity certain places.

    1. Rat, I transited the Okefenokee swamp in a canoe for ten days without a firearm, I was raised in Mississippi and fished every summer where there were wild hogs, snakes and alligators without a firearm, I dove in snake and alligator waters without a firearm: I did carry a rifle when students went berry picking in Alaska for bear protection.

      I have no problem with outdoorsmen carrying a pistol or rifle - but they don't need an assault rifle or an extended clip and they don't need to go armed into Burger King.

  3. We need to vote out the politicians that have passed these open carry laws. Vote in ones that will repeal all open carry laws. Go back to if you want to transport a gun to a shooting range or to go hunting you have to have it unloaded and in a case of some kind.

    There are way too many assault weapons and humongous clips now, but that doesn't mean we have to allow the sales of these to continue indefinitely. The clips could be limited to the number of rounds for waterfowl hunting. Assault style weapons could be banned, we'd still have semi-automatic rifles, but at least if they don't look like something the special forces in the military carry, they wouldn't be so popular for the Rambo wannabes!!


COMMENT: Ben Franklin said, "I imagine a man must have a good deal of vanity who believes, and a good deal of boldness who affirms, that all doctrines he holds are true, and all he rejects are false."