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Born Free, in one of your comments you questioned the idea of relocating to a simpler lifestyle as you age.   

For twenty years we lived in a small, two story post and beam chalet in the woods.   We were on a private dirt road that had to be maintained by the occupants on the road, we supplemented our heat with firewood, we had to maintain a well and wellhouse through the Maine winters, had to maintain a septic system; mowing, snow removal, maintenance... Being rural we often lost power every winter for three or four days at a time.   The demands were great, but it was the life-style we chose.   It was good, but I feared that my wife would not be able to maintain the place when I am gone - and it was getting to be a grind for me.

We had never considered living in a mobile home in a park until we started to look at available housing in our area.  Places were over priced and we felt we would be inheriting someone else's problems - we just found nothing we liked.  After shopping for almost a year we checked out some double-wide mobile homes on the internet.   They are not like the trailers of yore.  They are built to the same standards as modular homes/ new homes.   There are scores of floor plans available at varying price ranges.

The decision came when we found a small park of twenty homes with an opening.   The occupants are all older adults with no children.  It is rurally located but with easy access to town.  The park owners set high standards for all the occupant units.   The road is plowed in the winter, the grass is mowed, there is a convenient garbage dumpster emptied twice a week, the septic systems are pumped yearly, we are on town water, there is even a hair dresser at the entrance to the park so my wife can easily walk to get her hair done.   We were skeptic of living in a community, as we have always lived somewhat isolated; but the neighbors are nice.   The choice of the park was more important then the selection of a home.  

We have three bedrooms, living room, dining area, kitchen with a walk-m pantry, laundry room, and two baths.  The master bathroom has a large walk-in shower large enough for us both to shower together. All the appliances are new; I even had a generator installed in case of power outages.  We absolutely love this place, and being in our later years we could not have made a better choice.   The stress factor far less than owning a home and land.   

Hope this answers some of your questions.

the Ol'Buzzard


  1. I certainly like your current accommodations even though it is HUGE compared to my 147 SF for the last 15 years. It seems to me from seeing many folks getting old and not taking care to fit into old age, so to speak, that you made very good decisions.

  2. OOOOOOOOOOoooooo! Nice! I love that kitchen. Three bedrooms is perfect too. Question, is there central heating and A/C in yours?

  3. Sounds like you made a great decision! And what a lovely new home you have!

  4. Congratulations on the move. This will no doubt ease your mind as to possible difficulties as you both age. The interior looks very nice, and comfortable (and you brought the cat- so now it's a home!) -Jenn

  5. I had many concerns about moving into a "mobile" home (though it would take 15 fat boys and a big truck to move - not very mobile). Mine sounds similar to yours and it works well. Good choices.

  6. Nice. I occasionally wonder how many more winters the S.O. and I can handle in our place. Sooner or later old age and bad knees are going to interfere both outside (i.e., snow removal) and in (second floor bedroom).

  7. Looks Sweet and your furry roomie fits right in..
    I also live in the woods, but somehow I've picked up too much stuff to try and move..
    Take Care..


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