Saturday, March 2, 2019


In December my car slid into a snow/ice bank and my insurance deductible for repair was $500.   I was going less than five miles per hour when I turned into our icy road; today's cars are built so flimsily that they damage easily.  

The rental car, not covered by insurance was $380.  

In early January my nineteen-year-old snow blower finally gave up the ghost.  The replacement was $550. 

I have just been told by my dentist that I need a root canal: $$$$

Fuck!  this has been an expensive winter.    

This winter has been crap weather: snow followed by sleet followed by rain followed by snow followed by sleet followed by rain....   I always claim to be a winter person; but I will be glad to see this one pass. 

We are in the 90-100 snow line

the Ol'Buzzard


  1. It is the year of the pig which apparently means big spending. I see you are right on track. (Hope it slows down for you, though!) -Jenn

  2. Hasn't cost us much financially (yet) but I'm not sure just how much longer our 20+ years old snow thrower is going to hold out. Not sure what our total snowfall has been, but we do have the most snow on the ground right now that I've seen since 2014. Nowhere near what I know is possible -- we've had snowfall build up to where what was on the ground was taller than me -- but it's definitely going to take awhile to melt. Assuming it ever does, of course. We're now into March but there are no above freezing highs predicted in the near future.

  3. I'm with Jenn. It's the year of the pig and we are in for a bad time of it. It started bad for us too. New fridge and had to buy a new flat screen tv last week. I will need root canal too but I can't bring myself to go yet. I better call for an appointment next week.

  4. They say things come in threes so perhaps you're done now once you pay for that root canal!


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