Monday, February 25, 2019


Picked up another six inches of snow yesterday.   The metal roof sheds the snow so I don't have to go up on the roof and shovel;

The view from our windows is dwindling, the cats can no longer watch the turkeys.

I have no problem with winter snow; but our pattern this year has been snow, sleet followed by rain.   Normally we have nor-easters that come off the coast and belt us with massive snow.  This year all of our storms have come inland from the south - highly unusual.  

Tonight the temperature will be 7 degrees and tomorrow the high will be 14 degrees and the lows minus three. We currently have winds at twenty miles-per-hour and gust up to fifty - the same for tomorrow.  It is quite likely we will lose power for a day or so.

the Ol'Buzzard


  1. I would love to live up there but my illness would shut me down in a second. I do miss the snow and cold weather though.

  2. Man, you guys have a ton of snow! My Rare One was up on her roof last week shoveling it off. It always makes me nervous when she does that. When I was a teen, my father fell off our roof doing that. Luckily he landed in a big snowbank and wasn't hurt but still, it's dangerous.

    1. We did lose power for four hours. There have been times we have been without power for days, so no complaints. Our overnight temp was -3 F (-17.4 C) and winds at thirty gusting to fifty. There was no snow overnight but the snow drifts caused by the wind blocked the back door and filled part of the driveway.


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