Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Within the last couple of days there has been talk that Donald Trump plans to throw his hair into the presidential race of 2016.  

It seem as though some of the same clowns from the Republican circus that aired in 2012 are returning.  

Personally, I look forward to the remake: Republican Convention II (Not to be confused with Scary Movie II – my favorite of the Scary Movie series.)

In your wildest imagination, if you were writing a fiction novel about a presidential election campaign, how could you come up with come up with a more bizarre and ludicrous group?

Unfortunately, some of my favorites may not show, and they will be fondly missed for the comic relief they provided.   

I thought that red button was the intercom.
Nuclear launch?    Oooops!
I still think that the National budget should be two pages long.

But don't feel too depressed.   There may be some new additions to add color to the spectacle.

the Ol'Buzzard

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  1. OB,
    You know that American Taliban moron - Sanitorium is going to run again.

    It will be fun to watch as they try and see who can be the most obtuse in order to gain the Tea Baggers favor...

    Great post!



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