Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I have often said on this blog that people deserve the government they get, because they voted in the asshole politicians that are deciding their future. 

In retrospect, I couldn't be more wrong.   Sometimes, the process of elections favors one unacceptable candidate over other  more qualified.  

This is the case with Maine’s governor Paul Le Page.  

In Maine’s last election there were two very qualified candidates running: one running on the Democratic ticket and one on the Independent.   Then there was Paul Le Page, a loud, obnoxious, successful but not to bright business man, running as a Republican.

Unfortunately the Democratic voters split their vote between their party and the Independent; and the ‘Working Men Vote Republican’ idiots, the Chamber of Commerce and the easily enraged Tea Party elected Paul Le Page. 

PEP'E Le Page has an approval rating of 39% across the state – the 39% that elected him.   Meanwhile, the upcoming elections could be a replay of the same debacle.  The same independent that ran last election has declared his intention to run again.  He is by far the most qualified, but I am afraid the Democrats that always vote a straight ticket (which last election included my wife and I) and Democrats that vote their conscience will again split their vote.    

There is a danger that we could be in for another four years of PEP'E La Page.  

I apologies for the State of Maine
the Ol'Buzzard


  1. Scott walker is pretty bad too but from what I've heard LePage takes the cake for sheer pig ignorance.

  2. i have friends in Maine too, and they are mortified..told them cheer up at least you don't have Perry..


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