Tuesday, August 20, 2013


The Chicken Ranch: Best Little Whore House in Texas

There was recently a massage therapist arrested in Portland (Maine) for prostitution.  She has be fined and sentenced to ten months in jail.  Sixty men have been charged with soliciting sex from the ‘Portland Madam.’   Some have plead guilty and others ‘no contest.’   Their names have been made a part of public record and they are being fined. 

There is something about this that slams contrary to the libertarian strain in me (and yes we all have a libertarian strain to some extent – affronts to personal liberties.)

If this woman chooses to engage in sex for profit and these men choose to avail themselves – it would seem to me to be a victimless crime – and should not be a crime. 

Sex trafficking in this country is a deplorable reality.   Drug addicted street hookers – purveyors of sexually transmitted diseases – manipulated by street hoods – pimps – patrol the streets at night.    This is a criminal activity that creates victims and cost society. 

The obvious answer is regulation.   This could be a regulated service industry with licensed service providers.   It could create a tax base, decrease prison populations and bring an end to a criminal enterprise as it now exists.

There is no logical argument against legalized prostitution.  Our sexual needs are natural – not disgusting.    Objections are solely base on religious moral grounds – those people who feel so pious that they must legislate the morality of the rest of us.  Any freedom can be abused by an individual; but with controls this service could fulfill a need.  I have no doubt that pent up sexual frustration leads to depression, suicide, crime, violence and child abuse. 

Christian fear of sex and its outward disgust for the female human body has conditioned us to a knee-jerk condemnation of the natural urges of human sexuality

 Men and women, who for any reason are void of a relationship, should be able to benefit from men or women who are willing to provide sexual intimacy.   

So says
the Ol'Buzzard



  1. Chief,
    After three years duty in Europe and three tours of duty in Asia - I fully agree with you.
    But, now a GI who consorts with a whore can be found guilty of engaging in human trafficing.
    That came about by some evangelical bible thumping fuckers who believe that everyone should be playing cards at the USO when they aren't at bible study.

    A man should get a professional opinion on his sexual performance - My bests was a hooker in Anchorage named Tiffany - fine assed red head!

    One thing I did like in Korea vs Thailand was the VD checks on the bargirls downtown. At U-Tapao we were running about a 10% VD rate - 6,000 GIs stationed there. That's a lot!

    Good Post!


  2. It likely won't happen in the US because it's too sensible.. and compassionate.

  3. There is no logical argument against legalized prostitution.

    Don't expect christians to be logical. It's never made sense to me that they force the closure of whorehouses and make their daughters work the streets.

  4. In 1975 the prostitutes of Lyon, France organized and fought back. They occupied St. Nizier Church and demanded they be allowed to form a union. France has a very different attitude historically regarding sex. If you read any literature or history, you realize that prostitution was always a part of the life of cities and towns. Prostitutes are heroines in many of the great novels. Action in many novels revolves around Maisons close (Brothels) Some of the brothels in Paris are legendary and still doing a brisk upper class elite business. The madams of the brothels are legendary. Technically, a brothel is illegal, but there are so many ways to finesse the legality. Prostitution is not illegal. What is illegal is exploitation. Pimping is illegal. Sex with minors is of course illegal. With our medical system, it is a matter of routine and basically free for a prostitute to get a check up a few times a year. Here in the country, one gets to notice vans and trailers set up in the same location on the side of a road everyday. For an eye opener, take a night drive through the Bois de Boulogne...the grand park on the outskirts of Paris. The police try to keep it under control, but there are even free clinics with volunteer doctors operating in trailers caring for the working folks. During the Sarkozy years, in his constant attempt to pander to the religious right, he started a project to outlaw prostitution, but Sarkozy with his constant eye on his polling numbers realized that this was a no win situation for him and shut up tout de suite! Americans feign outrage and shock at the openess here, but where as America seems like a violent sexually obsessed and repressed country because of it's faux puritanical sham of morality, this country has the highest birthrate in Europe, the lowest infant mortality rate in the world, very few incidents of sexual crime...most of the violence against women occurs in the home with married couples. Every pharmacy has a condom machine on the wall on the street. Every kid has access to confidential sexual counseling and help in the schools. The culture is more at ease with intimacy. Nudity is a matter of fact on Prime Time television. Sexual innuendo can become a humorous part of marketing campaign for cheese. It's too late for America to 'loosen up". The damage has been done. Sexual perversion is a disease passed on from generation to generation is a society. Too bad.


COMMENT: Ben Franklin said, "I imagine a man must have a good deal of vanity who believes, and a good deal of boldness who affirms, that all doctrines he holds are true, and all he rejects are false."