Monday, December 26, 2011


For Christ sake let’s end the Republican debates. 
It is like being forced to sit in a pre-school room and listen to a bunch of  four-year-olds.

Moderator:  What are your thoughts on Global warming?
Candidate:   The science isn’t in yet.

Preschool teacher:  Those are not bugs in your peanut butter, they are peanuts.
Preschooler:   No they are bugs.

Moderator:   What are your plans to improve the economy?
Candidate:    Lower taxes for the ‘job creators’, downsize the government workforce and cut social programs.

Preschool teacher:  What can we do to make our pre-school better?
Preschooler:   Give all the toys to me.

Moderator:   Who’s your hero?
Candidate:    Ronald Reagan

Preschool teacher:   Who’s your hero?
Prescherool   Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny.

Moderator:   What will you do if you are elected President?  
Candidate:   I call it my FREEDOM PLAN.  I would Invade Iran;  pass a Constitutional Amendment to prevent gay marriage; get rid of labor unions;  allow unchecked pollution from the ‘job creating’ industries; phase out Social Security and Medicare; outlaw all abortions and government funded prenatal  care; cut back all government services for the unemployed and welfare recipients;  do away with taxes for the ‘job creators’ and ‘job creating’ multi-national businesses; require everyone speak English; land mine the Mexican/American border; outlaw Shariah law; require the teaching of Creationism in school; allow all white men to carry a concealed weapon without a license; and make every one wear a “I Love Jesus” button every Sundays.
Moderator: You would really do all that:
Candidate:   Yes, because I love Freedom and I love Jesus; and God bless the United States of America. 

Preschool teacher:  Can we all be very very quiet and take a nap?
Preschooler:  WAAAAAAAAAAA!

It is not like I watch the debates - but I can't get away from them.  When I watch the news it is always the main topic.  
the Ol'Buzzard


  1. Does anyone really watch the debates?

  2. When the politicians debate here in Ukraine, I am thankful I don't understand them.

  3. the Republicans aren't as smart as the kids.

  4. Old Buzzard,
    Why would anyone waste time watching the GOP debates when you can see much more mind-developing stuff over at the National Geographic channel, History channel, Military channel, Food channel, Travel channel, ESPN, the Weather channel - or a dvd?
    Not right, not left, forward.

    Works for me.


  5. Republican Debates? Ha! An oxymoron if ever there was one.

  6. I pity the fool that has to watch the "debates". Maybe the only ones watching are the talking heads on the news and the staff of The Daily Show.


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