Saturday, December 22, 2018


When I hear the words Mac and Cheese, I think of some inferior pig slop offered to the public. 

Macaroni and cheese has been bastardized by Kraft Foods and commercial advertising, and especially restaurants adding everything from cheese whiz to lobster. 

This basic food deserves better.  It should be called Macaroni and Cheese, with respect. 

The recipe is simple and delicious.

·       Boil one cup of dry Macaroni for eight minutes, or until tender - drain
·       In a sauce pan melt one tablespoon of real butter
·       Add one tablespoon of flower and stir continually until bubbly
·       Add one cup of milk (room temperature) and stir until thicken and steaming
·       Add two cups of shredded cheese (your choice) stirring continually until melted.
·       Stir the cooked macaroni into the cheese sauce
·       Pour into a one-quart baking pan (I use glass)
·       Cover liberally with Panko or seasoned bread crumbs
·       Bake at 350 degrees for thirty minutes

This will make four reasonable helpings.  Enjoy with a side salad or as a side with a meat dish.

the Ol’Buzzard


  1. There is a restaurant here in town that advertises Mac and Cheese. They also advertise Spag and meatballs. Who the fuck wants to eat something called Spag?

  2. I grew up on the boxed stuff, I'm willing to expand my experience!
    I saved the recipe, called it "Macaroni and Cheese, with respect". It looks good!

  3. OY! Now that's real macaroni and cheese, dude! My grandmother used to make it that way. There was never a box meal in her home. Everything was from scratch and all the recipes were in stored in her recipe book in her brain. Somehow I wish she had written them all down before she died.
    As for spag? I think it's that sticky stuff you see thrown onto walls by bad kids. Just sayin. Happy Yule to you and your sweet wife. Smooches y'all!!

  4. I love "real" macaroni and cheese -- it's such a treat! Real comfort food.

  5. Amen! You forgot the seasoning, though. Salt at least, and I always add a dash of ground cayenne. Also, the breadcrumbs or panko must be buttered for optimum crispness. And I would increase the ratio of sauce a bit myself...

    Homemade macaroni and cheese is the best. People in your house must not like it much if it makes four helpings! Haha.

    1. I agree more sauce.
      Four is enough for my wife and me.

  6. Well...shoot...No one else called you on this.....I use flour..If flowers taste better, some one get back to me and let me know...
    You do need to put old bread crumbs w/butter on the top...YUM!

    1. You got me. I need a proof reader. And bread crumbs with butter is better - everything with butter is better, but panko is easy.

  7. Thank you for this. Saved and printed. I love MAcaroni and Cheese but have never found a recipe I liked that was simple enough for me to make.


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