Sunday, December 23, 2018


I am a wine drinker.   The first bottles of wine I bought was Paul Masson Madeira from Tess Market in Brunswick, Maine back in the early 1960’s.     I have been drinking Madeira wine every since.

Some consider Madeira a dessert wine, but I find it a comfort win, especially with cheese or snacks.  It is said that Madeira was the favorite wine of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

Madeira originated on the Madeira Islands of Portugal.   I have drunk the Portuguese Madeira in Portugal and a friend occasionally brings me a bottle from the Madeira Festival in New Bedford, Massachusetts. 

Good Portuguese Madeira start around twenty-dollars a bottle; these Madeiras are a little too sweet for my taste.    There are cheaper Madeira, good for cooking, but I find most of them inferior.

My favorite Madeira is American made Paul Masson Madeira at around seven dollars a bottle.  This Madeira has a good smell, is not overly sweet and has a somewhat nutty taste.


If you are just trying Madeira, I would recommend Paul Masson; but a warning: Madeira is a fortified wine about 18%.   Enjoy a small glass with a snack, or as an after-dinner relaxer. 

the Ol'Buzzard


  1. I'm desperately trying and failing to remember the words to some British patter song that keeps repeating "Madeira, ma dear." I don't think I've ever had Madeira. Is it a kind of sherry?

  2. Every time I hear the word "Madeira" I think of this song... "Have some Madeira my dear"

  3. I don't really like sweet wines unless I'm going to make a reduction sauce for carrots or a dessert. I usually go for a nice dry Chateau St. Michelle Riesling which is a awesome wine from Washington state.

    1. You might try Clean Slate Riesling - also great.


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