Saturday, December 22, 2018

Winter Solstice

The Christian calendar declaring January first as the new year is just an arbitrary choice with no foundation in nature.

At our house we celebrate the seasons.    Winter Solstice is the most important; it is the beginning of the new year; it is a time when darkness ends and light comes back to earth. 

My wife and I celebrate the first five days of this new year.  We select five presents and exchange one a day, beginning on Solstice day.  

This year Solstice was perfect: a grey, overcast, mausey day with rain drumming on our metal roof; a perfect day to eat, sleep, read and enjoy each other. 

We send out our thoughts and best wishes for the new year to all who happen to read this.

the Ol’Buzzard    


  1. A belated happy Winter Solstice to you! Do you have much snow now, or has it disappeared like ours has? -Jenn (I love the picture you featured in this post).

  2. Thank you & I'd like to wish you a great new year!

  3. Blessed Yule / Happy Christmas!! I woke up this morning and I really felt strange. It was warm in the house and freezing cold outside. But for some reason everything felt "new". It was as if something had taken place overnight. I can't explain this but it feels wonderful. Maybe it was because the full Cold Moon last night was quite bright and the night sky was clear. Maybe it is because the Cold Moon on the Solstice only happens about every 76 years. Tonight will be the official full moon rise of the Cold Moon at 12:46 EST. The next time this will happen on the Winter Solstice will be 2094. This Winter Solstice is wonderful indeed.

  4. Winter Solstice blessings and Happy Yule to you! I love that graphic -- so perfect!

  5. What a lovely tradition! We may have to follow suit.

  6. I'm just catching up so Happy New Year regardless of when you start counting.


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