Wednesday, December 26, 2018


I had a humorous post I planned to issue today; but Jackiesue has lost her companion, best friend, closest sentinel being: her cat Dexter. 

 It is strange this day and age of the internet that you can feel so close to people that you have never met; but following Jackiesue’s blog for years I feel close to her. 

Young people and families with a household full of people, friends and pets probably don’t understand the connection you make with an animal that shares your life when you are disconnected from family and friends and living alone.   

My wife and I have no close family or friends.  For almost forty years we have live a solitary life of mutual support, love and friendship.  For eighteen of those years we shared our life with a Rag Doll cat we raised from a kitten.  The cat was so much a part of our life that it was our family.  I didn’t cry when my Grandmother who raised me died or when my mother died; but I cried when I held that cat and it was euthanized.

I understand how Jackiesue feels. 

Even if you do not follow the blog Yellow Dog Granny you might access her site and leave a comment of support and understanding.
the Ol’Buzzard



  1. I felt sorry for Jackie Sue because I also know what it is like to loose a much loved fur baby. I lost Pebbles, my chihuahua from old age. this past summer. She was our rescue baby from a breading farm that got shut down eventually. Spunky is getting older by the second. I had to look up his birth date that was on my husbands computer. His birthday will be in May and he is now 14 years old. Bostons can live to 15 or 16 years if they are cared for lovingly. We hope he will outlast that but I know better.

  2. Cats have such distinct, emphatic personalities and they share their whole hearts with you, as does any pet, really. I've always said that animals will treat you better than most people and it's true. I feel for Jackiesue in her grief. Any of us who have loved and lost a beloved pet has been there.


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