Saturday, August 15, 2015


I have a fairly fast computer but lately it seems it has been slowing down.

Yesterday I switched on the computer, brought up Internet Explorer and checked some of my regular sites.  After a few minutes a pop-up appeared that took up most of the screen.   It said there was a problem with my Microsoft programs.  The pop-up listed a telephone number to call and also asked me to click on a link promising to explain the problem.

I could not get rid of this pop-up even when I shut down and restarted the computer.

I noticed that my Norton virus icon was not showing on my desktop – so I called Norton.
It turns out this was a virus scam and I was well advised not to have called the 1-855 number or hit the button to open the link.
Norton fixed the problem for me in about fifteen minutes.
I have also been getting calls on my telephone from someone with an Indian accent identifying himself from Microsoft and stating that there is a problem on my computer with a Microsoft program.   I never engage with this caller – simply say I don’t accept non-solicited calls and hang up.

So be warned
The Ol’Buzzard



  1. Damned good thing you didn't click on it. I have become totally cynical when it comes to messages on my computer or phone. I got a malware a year or so ago...and I am pretty computer savvy, but in this case, I just couldn't get rid of it. I had to get outside help. There are some bad cyber dudes out there just waiting for you to fuck up.

  2. Yeah. David had a run in with the same thing a while back. They extort money from you in order for you to get everything back to normal when you call the number. David did the same thing you did. He called Norton and they fixed the problem and then reported the problem to the authorities.

    That other problem is just by chance. I found out from a friend on Facebook that he got a call from some guy with a heavy Indian accent calling himself Eric. Eric said he was calling from Microsoft and said there was a problem with his computer. My friend said he could hear the background noises of a call center. He stayed on the phone to see what the idiot was selling. Turns out it's a program to clean your PC and costs boku bucks. He said the alarming thing is, is that Eric wanted control of his PC to personally install this program for him. That made me wonder what else do they install. Scary shit.

    When I got a call from these people a few weeks ago, I just put the phone down and went back to cleaning house. An hour or so later this ass was still on the phone waiting for me. I couldn't believe it. I just told them I don't have a PC and to leave me alone. I finally told them I was onto their game and that I was going to call Interpol and report them. Haven't had a call from them in months.

  3. I received a call last week from the Indian group. I threatened to call the police about their fraud. He just said go ahead. What a scam.

  4. The best Norton software ever developed removes ALL traces of all Norton programs from your computer. I quit using Kaspersky too. All I use now is Malware Bytes anti-malware pro. So far lucky. My problem is trying to use Google. Sometimes it refuses to allow me to use it and now it insists on my proving I am not a robot. I guess my ISP is notorious.


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