Monday, August 3, 2015


It has been a while since I posted –lot of summer maintenance projects to complete.   Here in western Maine winter and snow always looms just beyond the horizon – a time to be done with chores… except digging out from snow storms. 

I have jacked and leveled my back shed, put away my firewood (still some to split,) leveled my oil tank, re-plumbed under the sink,  am painting our mudroom, having our driveway resurfaced with stone dust, need to build new steps to the oil tank… and of course never ending mowing the lawn…

I can’t complain as the weather has been great.  Most days in the seventies and nights dropping into the sixties: this past week, however, we have had temps reaching into the eighties.

Anyway, Filthy Mc Nasty:   It has dawned on me after all these years that men’s shoes should be classified as toxic material.   Not that the inside may or may not stink (depending on the foot sweat of the individual,) but where those shoes have been. 

Now that I am older I mark my turf from bathroom to bathroom.  When I go shopping I pee at every spot along the way.  Men’s public bathrooms are sometimes cleaner than women’s – I am told; but there is always a coating of pee under the men’s urinals and you have to stand in it to take a leak.   Either we all think we are longer than we actually are or more likely the last squirt or few drops don’t make it inside the porcelain catch.   Anyway, every time we use a public urinal we are tracking through someone else’s piss – not to mention all the other crap on the sidewalks and grounds. 
Kinda gives you a new perspective on your shoes doesn’t it?

the Ol’Buzzard 


  1. Like EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWW!! More info than I really needed this morning. But I do think the men's bathroom is nastier than women's. My husband says the same thing as you just did.

  2. Other cultures may be smarter than ours. There are quite a few cultural groups where no one wears their outside shoes in the house. And look at the Middle East -- it's an insult there to sit in a way that you're pointing the soles of your shoes at other people. And remember when that Iraqi threw that shoe at George W. Bush? Obviously, those people are a lot more aware of just how nasty shoes can get than we Americans are.

    BTW, has anyone mentioned lately that you have a habit of thinking of some of the weirdest stuff?

  3. The thing that gets me is the lazy bastards that don't flush!!


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