Thursday, August 20, 2015


We has a large old farmhouse in Kentucky, and when we moved back to Maine we wanted to pare down.  We bought a small post and beam camp in the rural western Maine mountains.  

The camp was sitting on two huge spruce logs directly on the ground.  We had the house jacked up and a concrete pad with a two foot crawl space poured. 

There was an 8x14 porch on the back of the house and because porch weather is short in Maine we closed it in to add an additional room.   Part of the room I patrician for an extra closet for my wife.  We laid linoleum on the floor as the room makes an ideal entrance during snowy weather.   Now fifteen years later we were tired of looking at the linoleum pattern and decided on a new floor. 

We wanted something that looked good, something that was water resistant – and though we preferred real wood that wouldn’t work well when snow comes.  

We settled on allure Resilient floating flooring in a wood grain, which is water resistant and guaranteed for 25 years.  

The floor took me one day to lay and my wife and I are pleased with the results.   Winter will be the proof of the pudding. 

Of course, I knocked down one of the wall sconce lights when I took off the closet doors - so another trip to Home Depot for a new lamp is in order.

the Ol'Buzzard


  1. oh man..that looks good...something wonderful about wood floors, even fake wooden did good.

  2. WOW! It looks awesome! You did a great job, dude. Now can you come on down to Texas and help us put our kitchen floor.

    1. Sorry Leeanna - Rhode Island is as far south as I ever plan to go.


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