Saturday, April 11, 2015


The temperatures through the first two weeks of April have been in the high thirties with an occasional forty degree day.  Thursday we picked up four inches of snow and then yesterday (Friday) it rained for twenty-four hours.  Today the temps are in the fifties and for the next ten days they are predicted to be in the sixties.

My driveway

This sounds like good news: well it is and it isn't.   We are now officially entering mud season.

The good news is that for two weeks of the year in the spring Maine is left to the Mainers.   It is too wet to ski, too muddy for snowmobiles, the ice is too thin for ice fishing, the moose aren't moving, the dirt roads are treacherous and the countryside is too bleak for viewing; so the tourist stay home or go south.   The traffic is down – no one is in a hurry riding your bumper, Mainers can shop at Renny’s in a nearly empty store.

 We can get an ice cream at Gifford;s without standing in line.    

A perfect time for Muddy boots:

Not those - the Gifford's ice cream.

We can even ride down to the coast for fried clams or a lobster meal without having to sit in a crowded restaurant.

The bad news is it’s mud season.  We lost uncle Leon last year, we are not sure if he got sucked down in the muck walking to the mail box or if he ran away with red headed Clara; anyway about two days later his dog showed up.

About the same time Old Willard lost his truck heading to a grange baked bean supper.   He waited until the road dried and then had his nephew dig it out with a back hoe… the battery was still good and radio was still playing classic rock.

It is a dangerous time for those of us living up here on dirt roads.  But being Mainers we take it in stride; because we know that in about two weeks the mud will have dried up and we will be in bug season. 

 the Ol'Buzzard


  1. Does the Chamber of Commerce and the Maine Department of Tourism know about you? You are a one man advertisement for the glory that is the state of Maine! ha ha ha ha ha ha I have never been there but your descriptions make me want to come and experience your lovely state, especially during mud and bug season! ha ha ha ha ha ha Hang in there. Motorcycle weather is coming!

  2. Shit! Just a lovely place in the spring isn't it. One question, are the tourists mostly old folks or worthless yuppies, constantly on their iPhones.

  3. It's the quietest time of year for us, too.

  4. Mud here too. Lots of rain in April. It will dry up...eventually. Don't envy you the bugs. Mosquitoes and black flies are revenge for anything resembling wilderness.


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