Friday, December 12, 2014


It’s the worst case scenario
Three inches of wet snow
The snow blower can’t move it

Temperature in the thirties
Too warm for the wood stove
We’ll end up burning fuel oil

Have to go shopping today
Hope the roads are passable
Need food for the kitties

The world is chaotic
Militarized police departments
Violence across the globe

The Space probe New Horizon
Wakes up after eight years
Three billion miles to Pluto

The curvature of light
Time a variable dimension
The existence of black holes

An expanding universe
A bubble universe
An infinite number

Breakfast is ready
Oatmeal, bananas, nuts and toast
I would prefer bacon and eggs

 the Ol'Buzzard


  1. I became a fan yesterday. Love the poem. Thanks for the flu remedies. I'm a big fan of pizza. Thanks ahahahahahahaaa!

  2. today I had 2 hard boiled eggs and a bologna sandwich for breakfast. My shop still leaks despite my latest efforts! some days it just doesn't pay to chew through the restraints! I am not strong enough to carry the burdens of the world on my shoulders so I just hug the Mrs. and do the best I can.

  3. if it wasn't for peanut butter and jelly I'd starve..I love it and the jelly is sugar free I add it to my oatmeal to make it passable and on my 2 tiny waffles should be against the law to only be able to eat one slice of bacon..feck.


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