Wednesday, December 3, 2014


So much for complaining about the government spying.  

Do you have a hot neighbor on the fiftieth floor  that leaves her curtains open at night; or do you want to track your significant other when they say they are going to see mom; do you want to watch a parade without actually attending; or perhaps you would like to make your living as a black mailer?   

If you have a thousand bucks to spend you too can be a spy in the sky.

The New DJI Phantom drone could be the answer to all your spy fantasies.   

It is fast, it flies high or low and with its new GPS system if it loses your your signal it will automatically turn around and head back to point of flight origin.  You can fly this sucker by GPS coordinates or visually.    

Next time you have sex you probably should pull down your shades.

I'm just saying.
the Ol'Buzzard


  1. Hands down, no doubt about it...I really think that the abuse of drone technology has to be stopped now! We are always seeing reports on the useful applications of farmers use them to monitor crop health, but many tech web sites that I look at are featuring drones for everyone! Drones are are a new passive sport toy! Drones are are now causing paranoia here in France because some unidentified group has been using them to do fly overs above French Nuclear Facilities. The only reason I would ever consider buying a drone would be if it was part of an anti drone defense system...My drone can take out your drone...but then, we all know that script by heart. But then, how would that fly in the USA? Would regulating drones be interpreted as an attack on your personal liberties?

  2. Drones should be mounted with little machine guns and people could do battle in the sky. Barnes and Noble drones could gun down Amazon drones etc.

    1. I wonder when the gun manufacturers will mount guns on civilian drones at gun shows? The gun nuts could then not only carry but have armament hovering over head. Second Amendment Right to fly your gun.

  3. We are our own worst enemies. Eventually there will be a Supreme Court decision in favor of whatever makes the most money.

  4. Well, there seems to have been a little problem with the TGIF flying mistletoe drone thingie...a reporter at the TGIF in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn was injured when the mistletoe drone went rogue and sliced off the tip of her nose.


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