Thursday, April 29, 2021

Telephone scams are running ramped again.   I get so man robo calls I don't answer my phone any more unless I recognize the caller.  So far this year I have had three scam calls left on my answering machine.  The first identified as the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) saying my income tax was being audited and that I owed thousands of dollars.   They stated I should call the 'resolution line' (they listed a number) to speak to an IRS representative.   Of course, the IRS never contacts anyone by telephone.  

Over the last three weeks I have had two calls from scammers identifying as Amazon.   Each call said that a purchase of $395.99 had been made against my credit card, and that if I have made the purchase do nothing and I would receive the product.  If I did not make the purchase I was to call the Amazon Hot Line (listing a number) and talk to an Amazon representative.   

These calls, I am sure, originate from Peggy.

I can imagine some seniors panicking and being fished in to give financial or personal information.   If there are people you are concerned about that might be vulnerable to such scams - you should talk to them.

the Ol'Buzzard


  1. Scammers are the scum of the earth alright.

  2. I don't get many calls from unknown numbers, but the S.O.'s phone rings several times daily. If he doesn't recognize the number, he ignores it. We've noticed a lot of calls are trying to disguise the fact they're coming from a boiler room in Bangladore by tacking a local area code on. Spoofing is a good way to get people to pick up. You know, when we live in the U.P. and we see a Detroit area code, we're probably going to ignore it, but if it looks like it's someone nearby?

    For what it's worth, having worked for the feds and having had to do phone calling to the public for various reasons, I can say with confidence if a government agency ever calls you it's going to come up on the caller ID as U.S. Government.

  3. I see an unknown phone number I usually answer with a loud mean WHAT? when they start their rap I say go fuck yourself and hang up..


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