Thursday, April 22, 2021



My wife is Native American.  She belongs to the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head.  


Native Americans lived in Nature, as a part of Nature – as Nature’s children.   Their customs have always been to celebrate the earth.  


Today is Earth day.   Share in the celebration with "people of the first light"



 Wampanoag (people of the first light)


We should all take time today to marvel at the beauty and connectiveness of Nature. 


The Ol’Buzzard


  1. "People of the First Light" -- what a beautiful and evocative name!

  2. I love the meaning of the tribal name. Every day should be earth day

  3. I am glad that you mentioned Earth Day! I have always appreciated that day each and every year since its origin in 1970. For a lot of years, I will reread different parts of Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" on Earth Day.

    With your wife having Native American ancestry, I was wondering perhaps if the question you posed to me *could* perhaps be answered for your own case by perhaps following your wife's ancestral traditions regarding tobacco? Perhaps a way you could indulge in your pipes without worry could be to allow yourself to indulge on days where tobacco is part of a specific day of a Wampanoag celebration? Just a thought... but I may be off base. It would give you a context and a time that probably would not be overly frequent that could feel celebratory.

    But, perhaps it would be felt as detracting of Native American traditions... I do not know.

    As you know, I am trying to figure out a way to go back to my pipes myself. I have a very, very small smidge of Native American genetic ancestry myself (from Quebec region), but I unfortunately no nothing about that aspect of my origins, sadly.


  4. people of the first doesn't love that.


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