Tuesday, April 20, 2021



I grew up in Kentucky and Mississippi back in the forties and fifties.    Men drank bourbon whiskey, so that is the hard liquor I was introduced to.   You drink your whiskey straight, with ice or a splash of water. 


 I appreciate the taste of good Bourbon or Scotch whiskey. 

  If you are going to add soda pop to it, don’t bother with the good stuff – just buy the cheap crap – you won’t notice the difference


I wasn’t much of a beer drinker until I went to Newfoundland.  In St Johns you could call the brewery and they would deliver beer to your house.   Blue Star and India – introduced me to good beer.   


Now days, young people are drinking fruit beers.  What the fuck is that?   Strawberry beer, apple beer, add a lime to your beer???


A few days ago, I was in Hannaford grocery store and in the liquor isle I saw Chocolate Whiskey!  


I give up.   This is not a world I recognize any more.


the Ol’Buzzard



  1. It gets worse. You obviously have missed the emergence of truly hideous beverages, like White Claw. Alcohol, fake fruit flavors, and seltzer. Never tasted it, never want to taste it.

    I knew we were doomed as a species the day I saw apple spice flavored Crown Royal on a shelf at the local supermarket.

  2. The target audience for fruit beers is young women, because women don't drink as much beer as men. I suspect they're the target demographic for chocolate whiskey too. The real villain here is corporations trying to lure more women into drinking too much.

  3. It is definitely a world lots different than even 13 years ago when I quit working full time. It would be nice if it was better now but it is not.

  4. Vodka with red pepper is available here. Vodka is always drunk straight and not sipped either. Good stuff is $5 to $10 per litre. Good Scotch is available here and costs the same as Canada as they tax it good.
    A friend of mine was at a wedding and saw someone pour coke into Lagavulin. He just shook his head. If you are going to ruin Scotch like that, then Johnny Walker Red Label is good enough.

  5. good thing I don't drink any more cause I'd be bitching up a storm over all them Sissie drinks


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