Thursday, April 23, 2020


Winter's Bone

  In almost every case, the book is better than the movie.   This one is the exception.   The book is good, but sometimes the descriptions wandered and detracted from the actual drama that move nailed.  

Jennifer Lawrence was great in her portrayal of a mountain girl caught in a violent culture of clans and poverty.  

The movie is not available on Netflix; but even if you have to pay to view, it is worth it.   

This is a gritty dark drama, and if you are looking for something uplifting during this time of pandemic - this isn't it. 
But, damn.  It's a good story.

the Ol'Buzzard


  1. Once in a great while Jennifer Lawrence stars in a really great movie. This is one of them.

  2. I agree.... an excellent film in all regards. Dark.... but in a valuable, meaningful way.... not like the “dark” comic book movies of late.


  3. It does indeed look good, but I'd have to be in a certain mood to watch it. Jennifer Lawrence is a good actress.


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