Thursday, November 1, 2018


For the past month I have been getting a notice stating:

Norton Security toolbar has been removed.   Our new Google Chrome extensions offer similar protection.....    

I am asked to download their extension, but so far have not done it.

Is Google wanting my on-line browsing history - or do they already have it?  Is this just added protection?  Why would Google remove my Norton protection without my permission? 

Anyone have any insights?

the Ol'Buzzard


  1. Google really has no right to take Norton Security off anywhere. We pay for that stuff. Also, answer to the other question, yes they know everything we do. I even checked my browsing history on Google once and was amazed at what they had on me. It's really scary.

  2. Trust me...yes, they already have it. Starting with the first day you had the computer. The same is true of your internet provider.

    It seems to me that Google didn't remove your protection (which they have squat to do with), they just removed that toolbar, for whatever reason.


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