Wednesday, April 4, 2018


This story contains some of the Adult Themes and language used by President Donald Trump.

God was a young god.  Sometimes He would ask his Father where He came from, but his Father would tell Him to shut up and eat His honey.   His father and Mother were always locking themselves in their celestial bedroom with other Gods and Goddesses, drinking wine and make strange noises - and they wouldn’t let him in.  

When God would complain to his Mother, she would always tell him to go play.   God sulk in the corner for eons.   When his Father asked Him what was wrong, God told his Father that all the other children of Gods had realms to play in, but He didn’t have one.   Finally, to shut him up, his Father showed Him a small planet in a distance solar system and told Him He could have that planet – He could be God of that planet, if He would go away and leave the adults alone while they partied. 

God had attend the Wharton School of Creation and now his father had given Him his own planet, so he felt quite confident as a Majestic Deity . 

In the beginning the earth was without form and void so He put on some dinosaurs, but soon got tired of watching the dinosaurs so he killed them all.

He made lions; but the lions were always trying to eat each other, so He made sheep and zebras for the lions to eat.    The sheep and zebras also were hungry, but God was tired.    He said, ‘fuck-it let them eat grass.’

God thought to Himself, I should have something that can worship me.  Here I am the God of this planet and these dumb animals don’t even know it.

He decided to make an animal that looked like himself.    He built a beautiful garden with six apple trees and put a man in it.   But the man was always masturbating or else trying to mount the sheep, so God made a woman with the same anatomy as His mother, so that the man would have someone to have sex with, and leave the sheep alone. 

God would hide in the tree and watch the man and the woman fornicate, and that was cool; but the humans He had created were so engrossed with each other, they were not paying attention to him. 

So, God decided He would make some laws that His humans would have to obey; that way the humans would have to recognize Him as their Lord and Master.  

He brought the two people in front of him and told them they could eat the fruit from the other five scrawny apple trees, but they were not allowed to eat the apples from this best tree. 

 ‘This is to let you know who is the boss and that you should worship me” God said.   

The man didn’t care which tree he ate from as long as Eve would put out.   But soon after God’s pronouncement, Eve had PMS.    She told Adam that God was and narcissistic idiot and a voyeur that was always trying to grab her by her pussy.   She said there was no reason for them not to have the best apples.    She told Adam he was cut-off until he grew a pair, stood up to God, and brought her the best fruit. 

Adam thought about it: Obey God and have no sex, or get her the damn apple and get laid.   The choice was easy. 

When Adam disobeyed God and brought Eve the best apple, God threw a temper tantrum and ran the humans out of the orchard.

After that Eve got pregnant, then pregnant again.   After a lot of incest there were the Jewish people in the land of Egypt.  

To be continued.   Next the tale of Moses.


  1. Terrific story and some may say it's divine! Put it in a binder and people will believe it's true and you'll be elected to sainthood and get a holiday named after you. Can't wait for the next installment.

  2. Yep, that's how it happened. I saw it. BWAAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAAA!!
    That was great! I can't wait for the next one. If you write enough of these, you could peddle them to an online magazine and get some bucks for it.

  3. You left out the part about the hissing flexible dildo of Eve's, which she hid in the best tree. She kept this handy just in case Adam didn't man up to God in the cajone department.

  4. Funny! If you get on a roll with this you can start a religion like l. Ron Hubbard did and then you won't have to pay any taxes since religion is exempt (who knows why).


COMMENT: Ben Franklin said, "I imagine a man must have a good deal of vanity who believes, and a good deal of boldness who affirms, that all doctrines he holds are true, and all he rejects are false."