Monday, June 23, 2014


God damn son of a bitch, fucking, asshole, flat headed bastard, shit fire and molasses: I have lost my reading list on Google Blogger again.........Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

the Ol'Buzzard


  1. Oh...and yours is the only one I can see.

  2. And I am on another continent and the same thing is happening to me...well, It'll come back...eventually!

  3. I'm sure the problem originates with Blogger and not our individual blogs. I hope the bastards fix it soon, checking all my fave blogs manually is killing me.

  4. Well, screw Blogger, I say. I spent all last evening entering the blogs I read into my Bloglovin account, which updates perfectly. Now I just sign into Blogger, switch over to Bloglovin, and read/comment from there. My comments still show up as Google because I'm in Blogger at the same time. Not a fix of Blogger, but it beats going manually through a blog list.


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