Sunday, June 22, 2014


I am back on NORMAL Ol'Buzzard desktop - I Hope.  As you know from all my complaints I could only read the most recent post on my reading list.   On the Google forum I found that many bloggers were having the same problem.   It turned out that somehow (???) my desktop had been switched to 'draft Blogger'.  In the address block at the top of the page the blog was coming up as reading blogger/draft.    The fix was to go into Edit User Settings and deselect 'draft Blogger.'   

I have no idea how the switch from normal blogger to draft blogger occurred.  Magic - I suspect.   

the Ol'Buzzard


  1. After a few weeks of heat and no rain we had a great storm yesterday evening that lasted all night long...Lots of lightning and thunder and best of all lots of rain! I had used all my recuperated water and actually had the pump down the well to water the it looks like I'm good for a few days at least and all my reservoirs are up to the top....we are talking over 2,000 liters of rain water! But as the first storm rolled in, there was a big lightning display that knocked our power out over night! The main problem with that is our freezer, but it's good for 24 hours with out power if I don't open it and if the power stays off, I have a good generator. I was so happy when I went out at 6 am this morning and I saw that the light on the main power supply was back on...I just had to flip the circuit breaker switches and we were back in business...then I went back to bed and when I got up, reconnected the internet and booted up the problem! Good that it happened now because tomorrow we are taking a little excursion up to the Creuse. It should be great. Much wilder than here, it is the least populated departement of France. The main attractions in the tourist web sites are the wolf habitats...We will take some pictures and my wife will bring her new little video ya when we get back!

  2. My blog feed is doing the same damn thing now. I followed your advice but my settings were not on "draft blogger" so your fix doesn't solve it for me, alas. I will have to go on the forum myself and see if a solution pops up. Damn you, Blogger!


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