Thursday, June 12, 2014


Recently there was an article about the filth in hot tubs.   The article stated that almost everyone gets into the hot tubs with some small amount of feces on their butts and that over a short time with multiple people using the tub the water becomes foul – and then there those that pee in the tub.

I was an assistant instructor scuba diver and enjoyed swimming in pools.   But then my wife ruined it:  

She made the statement that most women will pee in the pool, and a number of women have confirmed it.   Myself, and most men I know will get out of the pool if we have to pee.  

We have an Olympic size pool at the University gym and I have become aware of the people that use the facilities.   Along with the college students, parents bring young children to the pool, and I am sure they pee in it.  There are numerous schools that bring their elementary students to the pool to swim, and they probably pee in it.  There are classes for Senior Citizens (and mostly women attend) and you know they have week bladders.   Retarded adults are often brought to the pool, and I am sure they are peeing in it.   Now realizing that all of these people are also getting into the pool with dirty butts…    I will never swim in a pool again. 

The Ol’Buzzard 


  1. haha..wait till I tell my son..the GG's swim in it all the time..Abby the most..she loves the water..and I know that both them babies pee in the pool..hahah

  2. Quite awhile back, I had to get licenced to maintain a commercial pool. After going through "Pool School" and learning the kill time required for all the forms of bacteria which come from peoples bodies. Not to mention the fresh floaters ! I've never once been in a pool again !

  3. To quote W.C. Fields: "Water? Never touch the stuff, fish fuck in it."


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