Friday, October 5, 2012


Supper tonight was chicken sandwiches and a delicious chicken/vegetable soup that my wife made.      My wife puts in bok choy, onions, sweet potatoes, chicken breast with rosemary, a garlic clove and chicken broth in the slow cooker.   The first night we have the chicken breast and vegetables and then she added peas and butter beans and more broth to turn the left over into a soup.  

 We do a lot of cooking in the slow-cooker.

When she cooks pork she adds apples, onions, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, the pork and chicken broth.  The apple onion combination goes together well.  

We have wine every night.  The wife usually has a glass – I have two or more…   We buy good bottles of wine for special occasions, but we (I) go through so mush weekly that we buy Carlos Rossi Paisano by the gallon for our vino de mesa (wine of the table.)   My wife likes Clean Slate Riesling for a white wine.  We particularly love Portuguese wines – they are great wines at a great price…Portuguese wines are hugely underrated.  

the Ol'Buzzard


  1. Sounds yummy!
    I've never tried Portuguese wines. Sadly, I've turned to beer for my evening "cocktail" -- the poor person's wine I suppose. It sits better with my stomach.

  2. Haven't been able to find a wine that tastes good. Mad Dog and Boone's Farm are drinkable, but most others taste like morning-after mouth. Guess my taste buds are not compatible with most wines, especially dry or semi-dry ones.

  3. I sure miss having a slow cooker. They should appear here fairly soon as I am finding more and more things in the stores that are "like home". couldn't bring one with me as we are 220v in Europe.

  4. I enjoyed this for me is an adventure, but then again, I get to be part of the process of making the stuff. The last time I was in America, I had a lot of California whites..I'm from Michigan originally, so I know about Lake Erie wines and the exotic beverages of the Paw Paw, Michigan wine region...I did a pretty interesting tour of the Finger Lakes wineries back in the 80's...
    Real Portuguese and Spanish wines tend to be pretty strong...14 to 15%...Maybe someday you can sample the stuff made at the place I've been working at for the last 10 years. I just finished 2 weeks of work on the harvest hauling grapes on my back, but I also do the spring pruning and vine cleaning and the mid summer pruning as well. I came home with 12 bottles of Vieux Chevrol ranging from 2005 to 2010...this stuff starts to get interesting after 3 years and peaks at 6. While we were working, one night we did a tasting starting with a 1990....too easy to drink and you didn't really begin to taste it's real flavor until it had been in the glass for at least 10 minutes....hey blogfodder, I live in France and we got slow cookers....


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