Tuesday, October 16, 2012


At the beginning of each spring I write a to-do list for the coming summer. 
This year my list included:
1.    Replace knob on bathroom door – done.
2.    Install new water heater – done.
3.    Replace water lines under house with PEX tubing - done.
4.    Replace slid track on pocket door upstairs bedroom – not done.
5.    Install baseboards in living room – not done.
6.    Install coat hangers in mud room – not done.
7.    Install weather flap on door of motorcycle shed – not done
8.    Install gutters on front of house – not done
9.    Install gutters on wood shed – done.
10.   Repair tile on front step – done.
11.   Install overhead storage in motorcycle shed – not
12.    Paint canoe – not
13.    Finish back porch – not
14.     Paint front door – not.
15.     Install new front storm door – not.
16.     Replace porch light with motion light – not.
17.     Build storage shelves on back porch – not.
18.      Install shade (which I purchased and is still in a box) on sun roof window at top of stairs – not done.
19.     Haul stones from quarry for walkways and drive way – not.
20.     Build a new raised bed and fill with compost – not done.

I was complaining to a friend of mine while bowling that I felt guilty about not completing my TO-DO List for this summer.   He is a man near my age and he explained to me the problem is not my lack of commitment in completing the list, but the problem is the time frame itself.  

He has me convinced and it makes sense.
Next year instead of a 2013 SUMMER TO-DO List I will put together:
And if I am still alive and the list is not completed at the end of ten years I will add an extension and kick it down the road like the U.S. Congress.

the Ol'Buzzard


  1. To do list? My god, if I can't keep the things I need to do in my head then I just don't think about them. Works for me.

  2. I do like the time frame. Tanya would agree with it as she has been after me for 5 years do do some stuff.


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