Saturday, August 7, 2021




Christianity has historically opposed science and never more so than the works of Charles Darwin.


Darwin’s master work On the Origin of Species is unrefutable.  The fossil record supported by DNA is obvious to all but the most ignorantly entrenched.

However, Darwin’s The Decent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex is proving to no longer apply to the evolution of species. 


Natural selection infers the survival of the fittest, and one could argue that includes the most adaptable to change.


Mankind has superseded evolution.   Nature once controlled animal populations, and that includes mankind.   When populations became too large, they were controlled by predation, starvation, and in extreme cases pandemics.   Disease would rip through populations and cull the old, the sick and the stupid, improving the gene pool of the population.


Now mankind has taken control of thinning the herd.   We have medicines to counter blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and diseases; and surgeries to correct failing body functions, thereby extend age and life.  These same medical procedures can cure or sustain the sickly, the deformed and the retarded.  Mankind now has the ability to feed the world with genetically produced food, but hasn’t found the profit motive to do so.   As far as the stupid, society protects and supports them, often against their own will.   At present we have people refusing lifesaving vaccinations to protect against a deadly pandemic, and the government will probably have to require a vaccination mandate to finally protect the stupid. 


And it is not only the human race that mankind has taken control of.   As an alpha species we have brought most other animal species to the brink of extinction, and have taken management of those animals we wish to preserve.   Throughout the United States we have hunting seasons to control animal population.  We feed deer and other species during extreme weather conditions.   In Alaska they kill the wolves to protect the moose so people can kill the moose.   


The only question is: Will Nature eventually win out? 



  1. I really don't think the anti-vax, anti-science and/or tRumpers are retarded. After all, our differences are a part of our "natural selection" and upbringing. BUT, I truly feel a lot people do not have an inherent ability to disseminate information for themselves and fall prey to beliefs and ideas that good disseminators find very bizarre.

    And, if roughly 50% of the humans on our planet believe they will die and go to a wonderful, amazing, forever afterlife - why should they worry about earth or the suffering of its creatures and non-believers? It will take more than 50% of us working together to help save our earth and ourselves from our actions. Perhaps only suffering on a massive scale might possibly get humans to agree on anything, political or otherwise.

    I know the earth can eventually recover from anything we humans do to it. But, what a horrible suffering to the creatures who cannot escape our actions. That really hurts my insides.

    1. I know some antivaxxers and Trump supporters. They are not bad people, but they live in that bubble of Fox news and Facebook - they don't understand, or want to understand, that their actions are endangering everyone during this time of pandemic. We are, and have been for a while, in a position to end this pandemic. From now out, these people should be deemed responsible for every death (unnecessary) due to Covid and it's variants.

  2. It is inevitable that humans will wipe themselves off the earth likely along with many other species. It will not be pleasant what ever the means. But yes, the earth will recover in time as it has from other disasters. The time may be in millions of years. Other species will evolve and in time they too may die off. Earth herself is eternal. Until the sun no longer shines as it now does.


COMMENT: Ben Franklin said, "I imagine a man must have a good deal of vanity who believes, and a good deal of boldness who affirms, that all doctrines he holds are true, and all he rejects are false."