Friday, May 15, 2020


Best Buy: Breadman Convection Ultimate Bread Maker Stainless-Steel ...

My wife and I have been making bread with bread machines since 1985.   Our present machine is over ten years old and the paddle  in the bread pan is starting to squeak.  It  seems our model is no longer in production and so parts, including a new pan, is not available.  

So, perhaps it is time to buy a new machine.   

The two makes I would consider are Breadman and Quisnart.   Checking with - out of stock, not available.  Target, out of stock not available. Both factories: out of stock not available.  A $148 Quisinart is selling used on Amazon for $280.   William Sonoma will take your order for expected delivery in August.   

It is not a bad thing that people are becoming more food independent by going back to making bread; but the rush to buy new bread machines speaks to the initial panic of food insecurity in the age of pandemic.  

I found the same scarcity for NutriChef vacuum food savers: sold out, not available. 

I wonder if more people will now consider container gardens this summer.   I can remember Victory Gardens during the second world war.  Unfortunately, the trend of home gardening did not continue for long after the war.  

Just an observation.
the Ol'Buzzard


  1. You certainly got your money's worth out of your current breadmaker!

  2. There was a shortage on bread flour and all-purpose flour for a few weeks. We went to the HEB and found the store shelves was completely full. No shortage. I know this is off topic but I wonder what those people with all that toilet paper and hand sanitizer are thinking right now.

  3. I have a Cuisinart bread maker (one with 2 paddles and makes longer loaf) for several years and have yet to get a good loaf out of it. The mixing of dough is craptastic, reviews say to open it and manually move dough around, and to take the paddles out before baking commences. Then why bother with a bread machine???? I do know at least some recipes are jacked up - using the same amount of water for both sizes of loaf?!?! Really?

    1. Gail, I once bought an expensive Swedish bread machine with two paddles and it made miserable bread. My best bread machine has been the brand Breadmaker. I would never recommend a two paddle bread machine. I get consistently good bread; but it comes with experience.
      take care


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