Sunday, September 15, 2019


After an unusually cool August, early signs of Fall are everywhere here in Western Maine.   There are bright splotches of orange and red in the maple trees, and the hummingbirds have abandon our feeders. 

We tolerate summer for the tomatoes; but Fall and Winter are our time of year.  Soon we will be in such vivid color that it is almost an overload; followed by the first pristine snow fall that will turn the world white.   

With day temperatures around sixty and night temps dropping into the forties and fifties I have donned my lighter weight long johns.   

Today I have to change the filter in our oil tank and get our Monitor heater on line.   I  have left much of my summer maintenance to the last minute, so for the next two weeks I have to become responsible and dutifully perform.   

Here in Maine, Winter is always coming


  1. The treerats broke my humming bird feeder, but the hummers didn't mind as they preferred the red flowers on my scarlet runner beans. They were humming around the bean plants all day. But they are gone now, autumn is advancing!

  2. And here in New Jersey we can anticipate six more weeks of summer-like weather. Your hummingbirds are buzzing around my yard, sipping on the abundant jewel weed. I don't anticipate any autumn color until late October. It gets later every year.

  3. The Maples along the Hood Canal (in WA state) were turning last week.


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