Friday, July 26, 2019


Back during the late 50’s and early 60’s adding Campbell mushroom soup to a recipe was every housewife’s idea of gourmet cooking.

 Then it fell out of style

Here is my excellent recipe for slow cooked chicken thighs and white gravy

1.    Add two cans of mushroom soup to the slow cooker
2.    One cup of chopped celery
3.    One cup of sliced fresh mushrooms
4.    One garlic clove sliced thin and distributed
5.    Lightly salt and pepper boneless and skinless chicken thighs
6.    Liberally cote top side of thighs with Paul Prudhomme's Poultry Magic
7.    Set slow cooker on low for eight hours, but kick it to high for the last hour before you eat. 

(We usually put this together about noon time- to eat around seven. 

I serve this with the boxed Bell dressing and rice.   The gravy is delicious.
the Ol’Buzzard


  1. When I first started to cook, I made my sister a few of my best meals. She asked, "Do ALL your recipes have soup in them?" LOL, it was true, they all did.

  2. That is one thing I don't use. I refuse to buy and use processed canned soups. I will make my own with fresh ingredients. Less chemicals and better for you.


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