Friday, December 23, 2016


My wife and I ordered a pizza last Saturday afternoon while we watched the football game.  A plain cheese pizza, and I also had a Greek salad made with iceberg lettuce. 

Within about five hours I was having to make contributions to Trump’s Cabinet – diarrhea (probably more than you want or need to know.)

The point is - it had to be the lettuce.   Iceberg lettuce is a risky green to eat raw this time of year.  The heads are handled by the pickers, by the packers, by the transporters, by the produce department at the store, and finally by the person that makes the salad.   

This time of year being flu season you would be safer to eat only cooked foods from restaurants, or if you must have a salad, one made only with locally produced greens.

Just a warning
the Ol’Buzzard


  1. Oh my. I should have said something on my blog sooner about this since I used to work in the health care field. We would give out fliers during cold and flu season at the hospital to help educate the public. But now is as good as anytime. Do not eat raw produce unless you grow it yourself during the fall, winter and spring. Any fruit that you can peel is okay except grapes, cherries. plumes, peaches, stuff you can't peel. Any veggies from the onion family, or veggies that you naturally have to peel is fine. Don't eat raw veggies during flu season which is from October to May. Always wash fruit and veggies with vinegar and cool water. If I missed anything, sorry. I do hope the bout with the squirts passed quickly and you all are alright. Happy Yule to you and your sweet wife.


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